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Meet Jisoo Kwak

Korean artist and influencer Jisoo Kwak gives us insights on the Korean art market

Meet Jisoo Kwak - illustration 1

Portrait work ''Pray''

Jisoo Kwak is a Korean content creator and artist. On Instagram, she shares with her followers her edgy looks, her lifestyle, and her thoughts on the world around her, which she also expresses in her paintings. We had the chance to discuss Jisoo's views on the growing popularity of Korean art in the global art market. Discover the inspiring personality for whom art serves as both a guide and an escape!  

1. Hi Jisoo! You're an influencer and a creator. Can you tell us a little bit more about yourself and what led you to this path?

Hello, I'm the artist Soo. First of all, it's a great honor to be with Artsper. I'm a person who loves art: I majored in art, but I'm also interested in various fields of art such as photography, fashion, and movies. I want to be a person who enjoys the process rather than the result, just as my favorite things mesh together to become who I am. I believe that these processes come together and create a point of contact. Art serves as an important guide to help me build and retain the value of life. 

2. How would you describe your style and where do you draw your inspiration from?

I tend to periodically change the subjects I want to draw. The topic changes a lot depending on what I have at the time and what's going on around me. However, in general, I prefer rough and free brush strokes on works that show delicate expressions and planned processes. Colors are also very important to me. I think the arrangement and combination of colors makes a painting attractive at first sight. Even when I wear clothes, the chroma and combination of clothes change depending on the mood and interest of the day. I think it shares that with art (laughs)!

Meet Jisoo Kwak - illustration 1
Meet Jisoo Kwak - illustration 1

Left: Portrait of Jisoo Kwak, Night Play / Right: Jisoo's Self-portrait 

3. Who is your favorite Korean contemporary artist and why?  

The current art market in Korea is really amazing. There are a lot of really good and talented artists. In fact, I am in love with the works of several artists including Kim Mi-young, Choi Soo-jin, Choi Min-young and Song Seung-eun. First of all, I admire their continued work as Korean female artists. I like pictures that make me stay. I get caught in those paintings, where they touch your emotions, but at the same time there's a lot to learn from the technical part. The artists mentioned earlier gave me that experience. I'm a huge fan of them, even if from afar. 

4. What are your thoughts on the growing popularity of young Korean artists on the global art market?

I think the art market in Korea will become bigger and bigger. There are more and more young Korean artists who have firm philosophies and diverse directions who can skillfully and passionately execute their visions. Maybe that's why the general public is getting more interested in art than before. There are many opportunities for the public and artists to interact within the industry. My belief is that Korean artists will continue to grow into the spotlight, both through social media and online.

Meet Jisoo Kwak - illustration 1
Meet Jisoo Kwak - illustration 1

Left: Fashion photography, Red dots / Right: Fashion illustration, Girl in blue wall 

5. What is your favorite location to experience an artsy moment in Seoul?

There is a place called Art for Life in Jongno-gu, which is run by an owner who majored in music and truly loves art. Music, art, photography, and delicious cuisine can be experienced together in the local space. 

6. You already exhibited your work at the Seoul Arts Center and currently collaborate with numerous fashion brands... Do you have any exciting projects coming up for 2022?

Last year was a reorganizing step where I explored works outside painting as a new challenge. I got a new studio earlier this year, so I'm planning a variety of new things. I want to create good content by collaborating with various fashion brands. I'm looking forward to seeing paintings, photos, acting, and everything unfold in this space. I'm excited at the thought of having my own space. I should go for it again! 

Next time I meet Artsper, I look forward to having become a more developed version of myself.  

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