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Anna Haines' projects © Andrew Steel

Anna Haines is a London-based interior designer and founder of Anna Haines Design. Gravitating towards a classical sensibility, Anna's interiors mix textures, patterns and colors while retaining a refined and elegant feel. Join us as we chat with Anna all about her career so far, the role of fine art in her practice, and her advice for aspiring designers.

1. Hello Anna! Could you tell us a bit about your career in interior design so far? What led you to create your own design studio?

My route was a little circuitous. Before becoming an interior designer, I worked in PR for galleries and restaurants and as a yoga teacher. It was an odd coupling but the two roles gave me an excellent understanding of people.

It wasn't until my early 30s and the opportunity to decorate my first flat that the calling really took hold. I remember designing a monolithic concrete fireplace in my living room and that was it! The freedom to experiment and combine textures, color, artworks and antiques for myself was intoxicating.

Following a diploma course at The Interior Design School I worked for a number of years with an architectural practice and for interior design firms, before establishing my business 13 years ago. The skill sets from those previous walks of life have been wonderfully informative.

2. Do you feel that your interior design style has changed significantly throughout your career? Or have you always maintained a clearly defined personal style?

I would say my style has definitely evolved during the course of my career. I think more of what I do is instinctive rather than a deliberate process of design.

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Anna Haines' projects © Andrew Steel

3. You often incorporate antique elements into your interior design projects. Do you have a specific period in art and design history that you are the most drawn to?

I lean more towards a classical sensibility. My heart skips a beat when I walk into a period project with good bones. We recently completed a Grade II listed Vicarage in Bath – the proportions, moldings and front façade meant everyone involved was working with a certain deference to the building.

Antiques are the great leveler on every project. They help imbibe a room with charm and soften the newness of a space.

4. Do you consider yourself an art lover? How do the fine arts overlap with your interior design?

I am a complete art lover. I often buy art in auction and quite impulsively – if I like a piece then I hope a client might too, further down the line.

Art fuels our imagination and encourages a dialogue. It is pivotal to adding beauty and bringing a room to life. We work closely with clients, either with their existing collection or to supplement and source pieces for specific spaces.

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On the left: Anna Haines' project © Andrew Steel, on the right: portrait of Anna Haines © Rachael Smith

5. If you could work on your dream design project, what and where would it be?

A small country hotel with its own organic garden! The garden offering a “farm to table" breakfast and dinner. And the design would be an unfussy, thoughtful and uplifting respite away from our hectic lives.

6. Finally, if you had to give one piece of advice to an aspiring interior designer, what would it be?

Spend time shadowing other designers. So much of what we do is about running a business. Absorb knowledge from someone more experienced.

If I can add another, it is really important to love people and to engage with people on every level.

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Their favorite artworks

Spirit of Dance no. II/VII, Gor Avetisyan

Spirit of Dance no. II/VII

Gor Avetisyan

Sculpture - 19.9 x 3.9 x 3.7 inch

$4,984 $4,485