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Marc Krüger

Born in: 1964



Born in 1964, of Danish origin and naturalized Belgian when he was 18 years old. Marc Krüger graduated in Biology and Management at the University of Brussels. He currently lives in Brussels and has been practicing photography since the age of 14. Until recently he has been working for his own company in the Media sector, and since 2012 he devoted himself on a full time basis to the photography.

Baudelaire said: "The image of a previous world, like veiled by tears of nostalgia. Leave the slow work operate on your memory, let the area of impalpable and the imagination outcrop... ". It is this process of creating mist, decomposition, delicious confusion that he wants to refer to, it is also the image of memories that leave, the passing of time and the impermanence of things.

The game of forms attracts him, and the combination of reality with something else, and this "something else" could be called the Movement. Marc Krüger is familiar with the mischievous moving shapes that are made and unmade. The photographic image is not a layer, but a map of the thing. His photography deliberately favors forms at the expense of things and state of things. Catching life intensities, flows, movements in frantic places or not, as if to extract the vital essence, the crowds in motion, the passage of people from one place to another, the state changes. People passing, anonymous faceless whose silhouettes is a way of being interested only in their dynamic component, and their peculiarity to move as animated entities.

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  • Belgian Artist

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