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Born in: 1976


Florkey is a Belgian artist, she was born in Verviers on 30th July, 1976. After having studied at the Fine arts school of Verviers, she graduated in visual arts in the graphic design department at Saint-Luc, Liege. Eventually she took evening lessons at Académie des Beaux-Arts, Verviers with JP Guerrier. She is also a teacher in computer graphics and graphic design at Saint Luc, Liege. Florian offers us a re-interpretation of our relationship with the printed image. Deconstructed, twisted, re-assessed and corrected through computer graphics, the new image which is reproduced on canvas is carefully retouched with acrylic, sewn, enhanced with collages and badges. The recurrent mechanic elements, thread and minute details emphasize the importance we give to these precious pieces of paper.
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