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Jia Yuan Hua

Born in: 1980



Translation in progress

Before becoming an artist, Yuan Hua Jia worked as a computer programmer for many famous companies in China. After 15 years, Yuan needed a change, and fortuitously, happened to fall in love with an artist. “We paint together, learn from each other, and share the happiness that art brings to us.”

Using a knife to carve on the surface of my canvas, I create the lines in my paintings after covering the surface with several layers of oil paint. I focus mainly on depicting old architecture furniture, or other elements that represent traditional Chinese culture. I am also interested in the environment's¯deterioration as a result of modernization and industrial development. I want people to see how traditional culture continues to vanish as a result of industrial growth. My hope is that people can help to save traditional culture, protect the environment, and allow traditions to pass from one generation to the next. My style of creating delicate outlines through carving, combined with the symbolism of my images, allow me to achieve this message.

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Jia Yuan Hua, Un-known world, Painting

Jia Yuan Hua

Un-known world, 2016
50 x 60 x 2 cm

€1 000

Jia Yuan Hua, Sightseeing No.2, Painting

Jia Yuan Hua

Sightseeing No.2, 2017
50 x 50 x 4 cm

€1 100

Jia Yuan Hua, Summer palace n°3, Painting

Jia Yuan Hua

Summer palace n°3, 2017
40 x 30 cm


Jia Yuan Hua, Unknown world n°3, Painting

Jia Yuan Hua

Unknown world n°3, 2017
30 x 30 x 2 cm


Jia Yuan Hua, Parallel world n°3, Painting

Jia Yuan Hua

Parallel world n°3, 2017
50 x 50 cm


Jia Yuan Hua, Little World No.3, Painting

Jia Yuan Hua

Little World No.3, 2017
50 x 60 cm

Sold out

Jia Yuan Hua, Prohibit auto, Painting

Jia Yuan Hua

Prohibit auto, 2016
60 x 50 x 2 cm

€1 200

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