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Gilles Capton

Born in: 1961


After graduating in 1979 from the Beaux-Arts School in Orléans, it is only in 2003 that Gilles Capton starts to paint full time. He paints mainly animals, portraits of bulls and cows, but also masculine nudes. Capton is persistent and nonconformist, he paves his own way, keeping his level of requirement and his experiment along with him every day. His work falls within the scope of the Nouvelle Renaissance, he asserts the heritage and the canons of beauty of his masters. For Capton, the point is beauty, emotion, and spirit elevation. His pictorial research often refers to rurality. It is the atmosphere that inspires him. Contemplation of basic subjects feeds his thoughts about our world. For a few years now, cows and bulls help him in his questioning about mankind’s ability and legitimacy to rule the world. Bovines have been walking along with us in our evolution, from the hunter gatherer to the nomad livestock farmer. Bovines were still supporting the grower to settle and build cities and States. These animals’ contribution to our civilizations in terms of nutrition and labor force was so important that our ancestors brought these humble ruminants to the level of a divinity. These divinities were often kind to us, but their force and destruction power inspired as much adoration as terror. The cow was identified as a female, as god mother, being both Earth, copiously nourishing but also unpredictable, and Moon, mysterious, seducing and cruel queen of the night. The Bull, powerful sun embodying the Male with virility, is often subject to excesses like a king god, used to be sacrificed in antic matriarchal societies, after a year of reign, and his blood spread on earth would insure the next harvest. How many gardeners mixed the soil of their vegetable garden with dry bull blood and grinded horn, knowing the roots of this act or not?
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Gilles Capton, Hommes-Taureaux XVIII, Painting

Gilles Capton

Hommes-Taureaux XVIII, 2017
39.4 x 39.4 x 0.8 inch


Gilles Capton, Hommes-Taureaux XVII, Painting

Gilles Capton

Hommes-Taureaux XVII, 2016
47.2 x 47.2 x 0.8 inch


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Le Floch et Le Floch

Solo Show Capton at the Flea Market
From August, 7 To August, 31 2015

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