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Jasper Johns

Born in: 1930 France

  • Movement

    Abstract Expressionnism
  • Famous artist

    Jasper Johns


    Jasper Johns, Jr. was born on 15th May, 1930 in Augusta, Georgia, United States. He is an American painter and drawer. He was with Robert Rauschenberg at the root of American Pop Art. He painted complete series representing flags, figures or targets on canvas.

    Consequently, his subjects were basically daily life, utensils, cutlery or tin cans, treated as spare parts that he included in his work. False Start which was sold for 80 million dollars, is the most expensive painting of any living artist.

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    Our recommendations Jasper Johns, Ale Cans, Print

    Jasper Johns

    Ale Cans, 1975
    23 x 30 inch


    Few works remaining by Jasper Johns

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    Designer Series — Elegance in Tranquil Spaces

    Art Wise Rare Posters

    Designer Series — Elegance in Tranquil Spaces
    From May, 1 To May, 19 2019

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