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Anne Gaiss

Born in: 1976


Through the diversity of language, on the border with abstraction and figuration, the artist explores the topic of the life cycle, overcoming not only matter, but also space and time. In this research, the author is looking for answers to the questions about the incarnation of fate, of the origin of our world, the origin of the self and others. Thus, the work reflects like a cellular memory that will lead us - the audience - to the designation of such concepts as "fate" and "embodiment", tacking back and forth between the material immanence and transcendence, and cause something to question, in some own views, like a sort of determinism or fatalism. Paintings, drawings, installations and photographs all has a lovely tandem between art, science and spirituality. Fascinated by the abundance of images in the universe, the photographer turns the rules of classical size canvas, creating a giant formats, consisting of miniatures, where the fabric is blended with embroidery, ink, coatings, paints, collages and gilding. Anne Gaiss’s works invite us to dive into the memories of an imaginary life, being in eternal evolution. After studying art history, archeology and law, Ann goes to auctioneer profession, and since 2007 continuously devotes itself to artistic creativity. Being self-taught, she has developed a very extensive and personal style at the same time.
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Few works remaining by Anne Gaiss

These are the last remaining works by Anne Gaiss.
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Between the Lines

Continental art Gallery

Between the Lines
From May, 1 To May, 31 2016

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