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France Born in: 1988 Emergent Artist

Created in 2012, the Monkey Bird Crew (MBC) collective is made up of two young artists from Bordeaux, Temor and Blow the Bird (or The Blow).

Stencil artists, known for their precision and refined cut, completely handmade, they specialize in metaphysical architectural representations where Bird (« Blow ») and Monkey(« Temor ») coexist.

Inspired by geometry, mechanics, cosmology and astronomy, they develop their work by using many types of mediums, illumination and calligraphy. Moreover, they have the obsession of including an animal presence on walls of cities. These animals, aren't very different from the famous children fables, and playfully sends us back to our human preoccupations, midway between freedom of desire and elevation (symbolized by Bird) and the material/corporal obsessions, from which man can't cut loose.

They've put a lot into city walls of (Paris where they live, Lille, Bordeaux but also Amsterdam, New Delhi, several cities in Mexico), they also produce works on several other recovered mediums such as

(wood, metal, glass) and paper.

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Monkeybird, Siméon, Print


Siméon, 2020
70 x 50 cm

€ 350

Monkeybird, Matrice N°II, Painting


Matrice N°II, 2019
70 x 43 x 4 cm

€ 2,900

Monkeybird, La courbe, Print


La courbe, 2017
101 x 70 x 1 cm

€ 600

Monkeybird, Le Prothésiste, Painting


Le Prothésiste, 2019
108 x 97 x 6 cm

€ 4,200

Monkeybird, Peniche, Painting


Peniche, 2019
35 x 50 x 1 cm

€ 2,200

Monkeybird, La cité de la précision (AP), Print


La cité de la précision (AP), 2019
59 x 79 cm

€ 380

Monkeybird, Avant-propos, Print


Avant-propos, 2016
65 x 50 cm

€ 200

Monkeybird, Anagogie, Print


Anagogie, 2017
52 x 52 cm

€ 250

Few works remaining by Monkeybird

These are the last remaining works by Monkeybird.
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