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David Daoud

Born in: 1965



Daoud, is of Lebanese origin, he lives and works in Paris. Initially he did a hospitality course but realized very quickly how important painting was in his life. He studied at Beaux-arts and Ecole supérieure nationale des Arts décoratifs in Paris. Charles Auffret, the sculptor helped him perfect his technique.

His favorite themes are travel, distance, absence and the ephemeral side of eternity. He draws inspiration from childhood memories, dreams and his personal experience of reproducing scenes worthy of an Opera, where hate and love, heroes and cowards, courage and low deeds confront one another...He prefers painting characters who don't have an identity, with blurry outlines so that the each spectator is able to identify himself with his paintings.
He mostly uses dark colors, which evoke nostalgia and fatality. However, in each of his work, light emerges from obscure places.

Daoud is well-known in France, his work was acknowledged several times. He received the Frédéric Carfort award from the Fondation de France in 2011 and the Lefranc Bourgeois award at Palais des Congrès in 2013.
His paintings are presented in several institutions and private collections, but he also handles public orders.

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David Daoud, Paysage, Painting

David Daoud

Paysage, 2014
150 x 150 cm

7 500 €

David Daoud, Le cavalier, Painting

David Daoud

Le cavalier, 2014
125 x 130 cm

8 200 €

David Daoud, L'attente, Painting

David Daoud

L'attente, 2014
60 x 60 cm

5 700 €

David Daoud, La rue II, Painting

David Daoud

La rue II, 2014
120 x 120 cm

8 900 €

David Daoud, La rue, Painting

David Daoud

La rue, 2014
100 x 100 cm

7 900 €

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