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Born in: 2017


Olivier Domin, also known as Olll, is a French painter and plastic artist. He currently lives in Narbonne, in the south west of France. It was after a classic career that the artist embarked on a career as a painter, and more recently in sculpture. He developed a language that follows the classic codes and gives a critical reflection of contemporary society, with a marked tendency towards religious subjects. In his pieces, he transcribes his questions in a dark, joyful universe influenced by Andy Warhol and Hervé Di Rosa. Since some years, Olll's work has been international recognized. His pieces have been exhibited in the United States, Japan, Russia, Luxembourg and France.
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Olll, Annina, Painting


Annina, 2016
61.4 x 41.7 x 2 inch


Olll, Kouros, Painting


Kouros, 2016
58.3 x 44.9 x 2 inch

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Few works remaining by Olll

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Art3F - Cannes


Art3F - Cannes
From July, 27 To July, 29 2018

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