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Antoniucci Volti

Born in: 1915 Italy

Antoniucci Volti

Antoniucci Volti, from his real name Voltigero, is a French sculptor, draftsman and engraver of Italian origins, he was born in 1915 in Albano and died in Paris in 1989. His father, a professional stonecutter, transmited to him his passion of working with matter. Volti joined the School of Decorative Arts of Nice in 1920. In 1932, he decided to move to Paris, where he attended Jean Boucher's classes at the School of Fine Arts.

The artist's work belongs to the same style than that of Rodin, Bourdelle and Maillol.

Antoniucci Volti draws his inspiration for his artistic créations, from woman and its body, which he wants to magnify, sublimate and glorify. The curves, lines and the roundness of her silhouette enchant the artist who sees in it the incarnation of beauty and charm. Every day, he does several sketches from his living models. His drawings help him grasp the volumes of the female body as precisely as possible. His creations are carnal and sensual.

Antoniucci Volti's sculptures are present in numerous French cities, such as Paris, Cannes, Orleans, Angers, Colombes and Nantes.
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Our recommendations Antoniucci Volti, Femme allongée, Drawing

Antoniucci Volti

Femme allongée, 1970
19.7 x 25.6 inch


Antoniucci Volti, Méditerranée, Sculpture

Antoniucci Volti

Méditerranée, 2009
86.6 x 24 x 15.7 inch


Antoniucci Volti, Astrée, Sculpture

Antoniucci Volti

Astrée, 1970
15.7 x 29.5 x 12.2 inch


Antoniucci Volti, Nu allongé, Drawing

Antoniucci Volti

Nu allongé, 1970
17.7 x 22 inch

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