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Head of the Vintage Fashion and Private Collections at Cornette de Saint Cyr Brussels

The Artsper team had the opportunity to meet Rosalie Pernot, head of the Vintage fashion and Private Collections at the Brussels-based branch of Cornette de Saint Cyr auction house that opened in 2012. Rosalie kindly answered some questions for us, here is her interview followed by a selection of artworks. {Artsper} : For those who are not familiar with Cornette de Saint Cyr Brussels, can you tell us what it is in a few words ? {Rosalie Pernot} : Founded in 1973 by Pierre, Arnaud and Bertrand Cornette de Saint Cyr, the eponym auction house is among the top 10 most important auction houses in Europe. The branch of Brussels opened 5 years ago. It is specialised in the contemporary art, design, modern art and Haute Couture of the 20th and 21st Century. {Artsper} : You recently opened a department of Vintage fashion, could you please elaborate ? {Rosalie Pernot} : The vintage fashion market is of increasing importance in Europe as great fashion school have emerged. Belgian creators are internationally acclaimed and Flanders is still setting the trend when it comes to fashion. The department is doing very well in Paris, so we realized that there is a gap to be filled in Belgium and have decided to take the risk to settle in Brussels. Vintage fashion pieces are getting more and more importance and are brought forward nowadays not only by auction houses but also by collectors. Buyers are now on the look for quality and are seeking a sure value. They are hence less attracted by an “industrial” way of life, derived by mass production. Hence the appearance of a new type of collectors! An auction house such as ours is an excellent way to sell amazing collection pieces at reasonable prices and find fashion pieces that you wouldn’t purchase by other means (I’m particularly thinking about some Hermes bags). {Artsper} : What is the future of contemporary art in Bruxels according to you ? {Rosalie Pernot} : Contemporary art ni Brussels is booming. Numerous fairs, of increasing importance, are emerging and offer a cutting-edge selection of galleries. Here, we can mention Art Brussels or the Affordable Art Fair as an example. We can also notice the increasing number of Parisian galleries that open a branch in Brussels as well as art collectors who settle in the city. Moreover, the existence of renowned art school in Brussels, such as the Royal Academy of Fine Arts, add up to the artistic influence of the city. These last years, an underground stage has been steadily thriving. Berlin, the underground city par excellence, is witnessing a sharp increase in its standard of living. Consequently, lots of artists have migrated to Brussels, where the cost of living remains affordable and where you can easily take over numerous locations. {Artsper} : What’s your and future projects? {Rosalie Pernot} : The 21st of last september, we organized « Belgian Fashion », the first sale devoted to that genre in collaboration with the curator Linda Waesberge, princess of the beligian fashion. This event had a big echo in Bruxels and an extensive press coverage. We are planning our next sale of vintage fashion for the 7 June, 2016. The department is yet to be developed, but we eager to defend the Belgian fashion production. We would like to eventually organize fashion exhibition with contemporary and young Belgian creators, for example in partnership with "La Cambre" school or the school of fine arts, the same way we collaborate today with other departments. We had A birkin handbag (Hermès) in crocodile skin (27 000 €) and a Martin Margiela collector object from the 70s (2750€) are but a few exemples. {Artsper} : What do you think of selling art online and of the idea behind Artsper ? Do you perceive online auctions as a threath to your business? {Rosalie Pernot} : Online auctions are as much a competitor as an auction house that would settle at the corner of the street. Most auction houses are now spanning online. Potential clients can hence follow an auction since the comfort of their home and bid online. We ourselves have inserted this option in our sales through two platforms: Drouot Live and Invaluable. This process allows opening up the world of the art market and auctions to laypersons. Artsper is a platform that reflects the trends and spirit of our generation. I have myself, a few years ago, helped The Craftshop Gallery association. It is an online gallery that hosts the work of contemporary artists such as India Leire in order to promote them. We also used to organize exhibitions. I wish that young artists had a bigger voice in your platform. But I think it is amazing to be able to find such a wide-ranging selection of 400 art galleries, instantly and effortlessly. Your return on investment is also amazing! Our targets are clearly not the same, and for each sale, we have to set up a whole exhibition, with all the staging and research it involves! Whereas when you buy an artwork online, we can purchase the artwork in 3 clicks! The idea is of big interest nowadays where time is priceless, and where some people can feel inhibited to set a foot in a gallery. Artsper is thus rooted in a very logical reasoning.
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GECA, Maneges, Painting


Maneges, 2015
11.8 x 11.8 inch

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India Leire, Birthing rituals , Sculpture

India Leire

Birthing rituals , 2014
47.2 x 39.4 x 39.4 inch