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Cyril Paglino

Start-up entrepreneur

{Artsper}: Could you tell us a little about yourself, Cyril ? {Cyril Paglino}: 28 years old, Parisian and entrepreneur for a couple of years. I started my first business without any success in 2009, a second one, Wizee that I sold in 2013. Since then, I help big companies and startups with their marketing strategy. I give them advice or I invest in the ones that I like the most. {A} After you left Buzzman agency last fall, we heard of a new project of business focused on digital creation, could you tell us a little more about the mission? {C} Indeed, I am working on the subject with two entrepreneur friends that are also engineers. Together, we are developing an application that is connecting directly enterprises to individuals. The application should be out in about a month. We did a fundraising with Partech Ventures last December to finance the start-up. We are very excited about this project, a very ambitious one if I may say so. {A} What advice could you give a young entrepreneur that wishes to embark in the digital world? {C} That’s a very broad question. I think the first thing you need is knowledge. Knowledge is essential in the market, clients and key performance indicators and the industry jargon. If you are the link between businesses and individuals, you must know off the back of your hand your average monthly turnover by a business with a client, the best way to attract new customers and the percentage of the ones who abandon your service. To be taken seriously and hope to have a business that works, it is essential to master the technical jargon in which the industry is. {A} Are you particularly sensitive to contemporary art? Who is your favorite artist at the moment? {C} There are a few artist that I have been following for a few years and that I often relay on social networks : Brendan Fowler, Daniel Arsham, Adam McEwen, Andreas Gursky, Jenny Holzer, Anselm Kieffer to name a few. And of course, I am very sensitive to the work of legends like Maurizio Cattelan, Damien Hirst and Basquiat. {A} What is your favorite artistic venue in Paris? {C} That’s a tough question! I would have to say Thaddaeus Ropac and Perrotin even though it is not very original, but these two locations are inevitable. {A}: What is the most recent exhibition or cultural event that made a lasting impression on you. ? {C}: Recently I found the Fondation Vuitton, both its form and its content, very impressive. I also have special memories of my first ArtBasel Miami, in 2012, and, in the same year, the Frieze Art Fair New York, which I loved. {A}: What do you think of the relation between art and the digital world, and the innovative concept of Artsper ? {Cyril Paglino}: Generally speaking via the Internet you are democratizing a world which is at the outset a basically restricted one. You can order a car, a meal, even household help from your mobile telephone without leaving home. Why not buy art in the same way? The Internet is virtually everywhere and soon for everybody. This is the direction history is taking, and by definition your volume of business can only grow.
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Red Drips, 2014
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