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Meeting with Marine Tanguy, founder of MTArt Agency


Meeting with Marine Tanguy, founder of MTArt Agency - illustration 1

Founded by Marine Tanguy in 2015, MTArt Agency is the first agency specialising in the talent management of artists. This young visionary has used her experience as a gallery owner to help artists to not only promote themselves, but to also collaborate with esteemed luxury, fashion and art brands. Artsper met Marine to discuss the future of the art market, and get some invaluable advice for young emerging artists.

Artsper: MTArt Agency differs from the typical gallery set-up, can you explain how it works?

Marine Tanguy: MTArt Agency is a talent agency, much like a talent agency you'd find in music, sport or film. While the art market focuses on the sale of artworks, we invest and support the figures behind these works; the artists. Each month, we review over 200 artist applications, and our selection committee shortlists the most innovative, inspiring and committed creatives. Once artists are signed up to the agency, MTArt covers the costs of their studios, organises the sale of their works, and establishes both cultural and commercial partnerships with the artist. This coupled with media coverage not only gets them noticed, but accelerates their success in the art world.

Meeting with Marine Tanguy, founder of MTArt Agency - illustration 1
Meeting with Marine Tanguy, founder of MTArt Agency - illustration 1

Artsper: You create links between artists and brands, can you explain how this works? Do you find it accelerates these young artists' careers?

Marine Tanguy: Our priority is to launch our artists' careers and build their credibility, visibility and earnings, and do so in a much faster way than traditional methods. For example, combining art with a brand like Chloé does wonders for the artist involved; and can provide the artist with not only millions of instagram followers, but also more than enough income for their next project! I worked with MTArt artist, Adelaide Damoah, for Chloé's latest campaign which celebrated liberated and adventurous women!

Artsper: Do you have any advice for young emerging artists looking to increase their visibility?

Marine Tanguy: Always! Start by asking yourself the following questions: why do I create? Could my work inspire other artists? Why is it important for me to have more visibility? It's important to ensure you're not motivated by vain, hollow or frivolous reasons.

Meeting with Marine Tanguy, founder of MTArt Agency - illustration 1
Meeting with Marine Tanguy, founder of MTArt Agency - illustration 1

Artsper: Are you a collector yourself? If so, do you have any artists you're keen to add to your collection?

Marine Tanguy: Yes! I started early, and now I'm fortunate enough to have more than 32 works in my personal collection! I would love to acquire a work by Louise Bourgeois, her work has always had a profound effect on me.

Artsper: What will the art market look like in the future?

Marine Tanguy: Twenty years ago, it was galleries who had all the power; they were they only space where artists could exhibit their work. Nowadays it's a whole different story! Concepts like social media and urban art projects have put art in the power of the people, allowing the public to interact directly with art without setting foot in a gallery. However, this naturally gives rise to other problems such as copyright, but artists are increasingly recognising their rights and aren't afraid to ask for them. It's absurd that you can use an image of an artist's work without so much as an acknowledgement that they created it, or that the right to resell artworks is such a grey area. MTArt aims to help change this.

Artsper: What's new at MTArt?

Marine Tanguy: Adelaide Damoah just launched Museum Week 2019 at the Musée National de l'Immigration in Paris! The week's theme was women in culture, and she kickstarted it with one of her incredible performances. Saype has just finished a work for the Buenos Aires city hall, and will start a new project (BEYOND WALLS) from the 3rd June in Paris. With support of the Paris city hall, he'll create a 16 000m2 work on the Champ de Mars. From the 17th May, you can catch David Aiu Servan-Schreiber's exclusive exhibition at the Rosewood Hotel in London. As you can see our artists are well and truly in demand!

Their favourite artworks

Aurélie Bauer, Vertigo 1, Painting

Aurélie Bauer

Vertigo 1, 2014
13 x 16.1 x 2 inch

$ 1,467

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Regina Gimenez

No title, 2013
26 x 20.5 x 1.6 inch

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Dan Levenson

Hanni Reiff, 2018
46.9 x 33.1 inch

$ 9,600

Karine Bartoli, Toits de Paris, Painting

Karine Bartoli

Toits de Paris, 2017
15.7 x 19.7 x 0.8 inch

$ 587