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Director of ART ELYSEES and Art & Design

Isabelle Keit-Parinaud has been directing ART ELYSEES – Art & Design for 9 years, two Parisian fairs taking place on one of the most prestigious avenue in the world. Artsper met her and she gave us her impressions on this year art week ! {Artsper} Can you present us Art Elysée- Art & Design, the fair that you are directing? {Isabelle Keit Parinaud} Art Elysée-Art & Design is a fair focusing on modern and contemporary art and design, that takes place on the Champs-Elysées. It is one of the eagerly awaited events of the autumn in Paris. {Artsper} Art Elysée counts about 90 galleries from all over the world, how did you select them? {Isabelle Keit Parinaud} Galleries are selected by an artistic committee presided by Baudoin Lebon. {Artsper} How do you position yourself in comparison with FIAC? {Isabelle Keit Parinaud} We are two very different art fairs, and we complement each other. {Artsper} What is « Art Elysées Light Project »? {Isabelle Keit Parinaud} Within the framework of the project “2015, the year of light”, it is a spotlight on three artists -Eric Michel, Pierre-Marie Lejeune and Yves Charnay- who all use light in their creative process through three very different visions. All the galleries are therefore aligning with this theme and propose artists and artworks revolving around light. Visitors will be invited to discover the place of light in art through different artistic movements. {Artsper} What is new with this 9th edition? {Isabelle Keit Parinaud} It is even more international than in the past years, with a particular focus on Asia and America. {Artsper} What is the added value of your art fair? {Isabelle Keit Parinaud} Our fair targets the widest audience, and allows visitors to discover art in an intimate setting as well as a privileged encounter with artworks. {Artsper}: Do you collect yourself? What artists/genres/periods do you like for yourself? {Isabelle Keit Parinaud} My husband and I we do collect. We have very eclectic tastes since we collect modern art as well as contemporary art. We particularly like geometrical abstraction. We are passionate about art and we like to see different pieces and times cohabitate. {ARTSPER}: After 8 years of directing art fairs, have you noticed a change in the profile and role played by art collectors? {Isabelle Keit Parinaud} In a matter of 8 years, a lot have changed and we live in a tough time. Collectors play a more and more important part and have to stay very active while the economy is still not going up. {Artsper} What do you like best in directing a fair? And, reversely, what are your biggest challenges? {Isabelle Keit Parinaud} I am very happy when I meet people at a dinner party and they tell me they discover and bought a piece on my fair, or enjoyed one of the exhibition we organize every year. The biggest challenge we meet is the competition with other fairs that multiplies in France and abroad. Galleries and collectors are asked for everywhere, the art calendar is saturated and we have to remain a “must-go” art fair. {Artsper}: What do you think about selling art online? {Isabelle Keit Parinaud} Personally, I do not buy online a lot. I am rather traditional in my way of buying, I need a physical encounter with the work, which is not possible on internet. But times are changing and so does purchase habits; which is why buying art online can suit many art lovers who would not have made the step to come into a gallery. This is why I think that in the future, internet will be a key tool for the art market.
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Francis Bacon, Triptyque 1987 - Lithographie 1989 123/180, Print

Francis Bacon

Triptyque 1987 - Lithographie 1989 123/180, 1989
46.9 x 36.6 x 1.6 inch


Carlos Cruz-Diez, Serie Semana - Martes	, Print

Carlos Cruz-Diez

Serie Semana - Martes , 2013
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