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Artsper met curator Anne-Laure Chamboissieron the occasion of FIAC 2015 and its outdoor programming. From October 20th to November 1st, FIAC and the docks of the Seine will propose “Sound by the River” and “Eco Sonore” at the Maison de la Radio from October 20th to November 1st.

{Artsper} As a start, can you present us Cham-Projects?
{Anne-Laure Chamboissier} Nourished by my experience as an art historian and curator, I created Cham Projects in November 2013, which is dedicated to cross-cutting thinking around the relation between sound, cinema, visual arts, and literature. Cham Projects is also developing initiatives to shed light on forgotten or ignored figures of art history which work continues to infuse contemporary art creation. Within this framework, Cham Projects organizes exhibitions, roundtables, publications and lectures.

{Artsper} Can you present the project you imagined for the Maison de la Radio?
{Anne-Laure Chamboissier} First of all, the outdoor program of FIAC 2015 on the docks of the Seine and at the Maison de la Radio has been conceived as a whole on the occasion of a partnership with these two entities. I thought it would be interesting to conceive this program in direct relation with the purpose of the place. Very often, people only see the Maison de la Radio as a space of broadcasting, but it is also a real place of creation, through the radio creation studios (ACR). I therefore dug into the archives of INA (National Institute of Archives) to hand pick the pieces that would be exhibited on those sites. I centered my program on contemporary artists working in the field of visual and acoustic arts (Lawrence Wiener, L’encyclopédie de la parole et Pierre-Yves Macé..) as well as artists highlighted for the COP21 in Paris (Knud Victor, Franz Kracjberg, Soundwalk…).

{Artsper} Can you tell us about the outdoor program “Sound by the river” of FIAC 2015 on the banks of the seine?
{Anne-Laure Chamboissier} “Sound by the river” has been conceived in direct relation with the programming of the Maison de la Radio. On one hand I chose artists which work tackles the issue of listening to our environment whether natural or urban (Lars Frederikson, Murray Schaeffer, Eric la Casa…). I also selected two artists, Dominique Petitgand and Cécile Paris, which work echoes the two specific sites of our outdoor program.

{Artsper} How is the outdoor program of FIAC 2015 in tune with COP21?
{Anne-Laure Chamboissier} As you know, COP21 is the major event of this upcoming autumn. On this occasion, I have been asked to integrate environmental issues in my programming. As I mentioned, some of these artists decipher the environment through a meticulous work of recording what surrounds us, and therefore make us ponder over our relation to the world and the important issues of our time.

{Artsper} Can you tell you about your collaboration with the students of the Ecole Boule?
{Anne-Laure Chamboissier} The Maison de la Radio got the great idea to ask the students of the Ecole Boulle to think about audio booths to accompany each chosen piece. The students were provided with specifications, and a dialogue were installed with each group of student who received help from their teachers as well as from sound engineers from the Maison de la Radio. Each sound booth was conceived in relation with the specific artwork exhibited. I have been truly impressed by the quality of the projects proposed by the students.

{Artsper} What does the movie projection program entitled « Cinema pour les oreilles » taking place on October 24th at the Maison de la Radion consists in?
{Anne-Laure Chamboissier} Visitors will have the opportunity to immerge themselves in acoustic rich and varied works. They all have a kinematic side, whether it is the piece by Bertrand Bonello, Olivier Cadiot or Romain Kronenberg: a cinema without images however, where the sound creates mental images.

{Artsper} What do you think of online platforms like Artsper to buy art?
{Anne-Laure Chamboissier} There are more and more of these types of websites recently. But what I find interesting with Artsper is that it is not only about sales. It is also a place for major actors of the contemporary art world to share their views, like curators, collectors, foundation directors etc.
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