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Meeting with Abdel Bounane, president and founder of Bright


Meeting with Abdel Bounane, president and founder of Bright - illustration 1

According to Les Inrocks magazine, Abdel Bounane, is one of the top 100 figures to reinvent contemporary culture. Bounane is currently the president, Bright, a platform which distributes innovative creative solutions and interactive experiences for brands and public spaces. Bounane is also the founder and editor of, Amusement, the first magazine dedicated to digital culture, and the co-founder of, Galeries, the first digital art centre in Brussels. As the art world moves increasingly online, Bounane talks to us about the potential behind digital art and experiences, and he tells us more about his vision for the future art market. 

Artsper: What is the relationship between data, the digital world and art? How do these concepts coexist? 

Abdel Bounane: Some works, (generative, digital, etc) communicate their message through data, and the digitalization of art can emphasize the form of an artwork. I find these artworks to have a deep, sensitive nuance, and express meaning in a dynamic and aesthetic way. Whether it's the energy consumption of a building, social network activity or using a plugged-in device; artists can reveal the substance and significance behind data through their creative spectrum. Like with our brand development, data also evolves in real time, which turns the digitalization of culture into a visual narrative, giving an infinite dynamism and character to creations. There is additionally a magical quality to these creations; we take something intangible like data, and make it seen. Rendering such data (such as energy consumption) visible to the public, is a civic duty. 

Meeting with Abdel Bounane, president and founder of Bright - illustration 1
Meeting with Abdel Bounane, president and founder of Bright - illustration 1

Artsper: What are some of your favourite cultural institutions or spaces?

Abdel Bounane: I have several favourite cultural “spaces", which are all accessible virtually via hashtags on Instagram. It's through social media that I find aesthetic inspiration, widen my creative outlook and “update" myself on emerging visual trends. However, if you want a cultural institution in the real world, I highly recommend Gaité Lyrique, their range of programs and conferences are second to none. 

Artsper: Can you tell us about your latest artistic discovery?

Abdel Bounane: This video by Gillian Wearing. I think even Warhol would have agreed that it's both an advertisement and a work of art. Also, this work by Rafael Lozano-Hemmer, who uses our biometric data to produce disturbing works of art. 

Meeting with Abdel Bounane, president and founder of Bright - illustration 1
Meeting with Abdel Bounane, president and founder of Bright - illustration 1

Artsper: What's the one work of art you dream of owning?

Abdel Bounane: The first artwork produced by A.I technology, which can make conscious and measured artistic choices. On Artsper, I'll certainly be buying this magnificent photo by Pascale Lander, and this drawing by Minako Asakura. 

Artsper: Could we expect to find art in your apartment?

Abdel Bounane: Yes, absolutely. After many years working on Amusement, a magazine which establishes links between video games and the arts, I have a very broad perception of what visual art is. In my home, I own an original Japanese poster of Eraserhead alongside Rafael Rozendal, and drawings by the fantastic young artist, Young Do Jeong. 

Their favourite artworks

Our recommendations Luke Newton, Crayons Not Colts (light blue), Sculpture

Luke Newton

Crayons Not Colts (light blue), 2016
10 x 14 inch

$ 4,280

Carlos Cruz-Diez, Couleur additive série 14, Painting

Carlos Cruz-Diez

Couleur additive série 14, 2009
31.5 x 31.5 inch

$ 79,820

Nicolas Dubreuille, Ellekach, Photography

Nicolas Dubreuille

Ellekach, 2018
23.6 x 23.6 x 0.4 inch

$ 2,640

Minako Asakura, Cosmic Tree, Drawing

Minako Asakura

Cosmic Tree, 2017
23.9 x 47.7 x 1.6 inch

$ 9,333

Pascale Lander, Nu au Ciel (1), Photography

Pascale Lander

Nu au Ciel (1), 2014
27.6 x 19.7 inch

$ 1,719

Stephanie Rivet, Exploration 119, Painting

Stephanie Rivet

Exploration 119, 2019
35.8 x 59.8 x 1.6 inch

Sold out

Sylvie Samy, Balade, Painting

Sylvie Samy

Balade, 2019
31.5 x 25.6 x 0.8 inch

$ 1,412