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Director of the Mayoral Barcelona gallery

Jordi Mayoral is the director of Mayoral Barcelone gallery that specialized in museum-quality post-war and Modern art, focusing on artists with a connection to the city of Barcelona. Founded in 1989 in Barcelona, Mayoral’s exhibition programme has brought into focus historical works by major avant-garde artists of the twentieth century. The gallery works with Dalí, Miró and Picasso, as well as modern masters such as Chagall, Chillida, Fontana, Léger, Magritte and those of the Catalan artistic group Dau al Set: Brossa, Cuixart, Ponç, Tàpies and Tharrats. From anuary 21 to February 12, 2016, Mayoral present "Miró’s studio" at 6 Duke Street, London, an exceptional exhibition recreating the Mallorca studio of this great Spanish painter. {Artsper): How did the idea of the « Miró’s studio » exhibition emerge? {Jordi Mayoral}:After visiting Miró's Studio in Mallorca, my brother and co-director Eduard Mayoral and I were both impressed and moved by the space. Inspired to recreate this universe of the artist, we wanted to bring its poetic environment to one of the most important cities in the art world, London. {Artsper): The exhibition has been curated and overseen by experts: how did your collaboration with the Pilar and Joan Miró Foundation, and with Joan Punyet Miró work? {Jordi Mayoral}:Joan Punyet Miró is an art historian with a great deal of knowledge about his grandfather’s practice and he really helped us in the development of the idea. This knowledge, together with his academic background in art history he has very helpful details and anecdotes about Miró and his studio which have brought a personal dimension to the London exhibition. We have also worked in close collaboration with Elvira Cámara; she is an expert in the artist and, as the curator of this project, she has been closely involved in every stage of the conception of the exhibition, from acquiring the works to the research and investigation process, together with our gallery team. {Artsper) : You are a gallery, yet you are putting up a museum-quality exhibition: what were your biggest challenges for this project? {Jordi Mayoral}:In our Barcelona gallery we focus on exhibitions of equally high calibre, so our main challenge in the London project is to encourage people to visit Miró's studio in Mallorca for themselves, and experience the universe he created around him. As a gallery, this is our most important project and it's a significant opportunity to promote our artists and culture around the world. We are passionate about our artists and we want this message to reach an international audience. {Artsper) : Can you tell us more about Miro’s studio and what role it played in his creation? Are you drawing any parallels with other artists - such as Salvador Dali for example, who also brought great care to his space of work? {Jordi Mayoral}:Dalí is an artist with whom we have a close relationship, but on this occasion our focus is Miró. Miró dreamt of having a large studio - somewhere to settle down to being able to create his art. He was fascinated with Mediterranean light and he found this perfect place in Mallorca. He was looking for a peaceful environment. In his studio he created some of the most important pieces of his career, and, we believe, of art history. {Artsper}: Joan Miró being already such a famous artist, is there anything new to discover and say about his work? {Jordi Mayoral}:Yes. Miró is one of the most important artists of the twentieth century and he was in a constant transformation and evolution. Miró avoided any repetition; he was always trying techniques and approaches to making work; his work is endlessly innovative and there’s always new things to discover. {Artsper): Will the pieces exhibited be for sale? What kind of collectors do you target? {Jordi Mayoral}:As this exhibition in London has the primary purpose of allowing London visitors to experience Miró’s studio, we are including some loaned works which are relevant for this show. Nevertheless, the majority of the works will be for sale, including museum-calibre pieces. The ‘collectors’ we tend to encounter are museums and foundations as well as private collectors worldwide – those that personally adore and are fascinated by art. They also have a great sensibility towards art history, and towards our artists: Miró, Dalí and Picasso, among others. {Artsper): Many of the artists that you work with, (Miró, Picasso, Dali…), have foundations/museums dedicated to them in the very city and region you operate in. How closely and how often do you work with these organizations? Our collaboration with museums and foundations is a constant process. We are long-standing patrons of the Fundació Joan Miró in Barcelona and for this exhibition have collaborated with the Fundació Pilar i Joan Miró in Mallorca. For our current exhibition of works by Dalí in our Barcelona gallery, we have had the cooperation of The Dalí Museum in Florida and Fundación Gala Salvador Dalí in Figueres. Another example is the Picasso Museum with whom we have a good relationship. We are also in permanent contact with the families of the artists that we represent. {Artsper) : Given the price of modern art today, it might not be very suitable for online sale: how does the digitalization of the art market affect you? What do you think of platforms like Artsper? {Jordi Mayoral}:We have an active presence online as this allows us to promote our curatorial program and our artists around the world. We are delighted to have the opportunity to speak to Artsper readers, to spread the message of our culture and our work.
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Joan Miró, Lithograph VI (M.1042), Print

Joan Miró

Lithograph VI (M.1042), 1972
19 x 25 inch