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Astrid Stöppel

Né(e) en: 1978


Biographie en cours de traduction

Astrid Stöppel is a young German artist who found her way to the canvas in a very informal way. Her first exhibitions took place in storerooms and in tiny galleries. Since then a lot of happy things happened for her artist career. Astrid is a master in colours. She has been experimenting with oil pigment sticks, watercolour and ink. Once she started painting with acrylics she found her medium and won several art awards. At the moment her series are related to abstract expressionism. Astrid paints different series with acrylic colours : 'colourful acrylics', 'no colours' and 'famous colours'. She is using large canvas to put on strong and powerful colours. Another series 'fluid acrylics' is very emotional. With a special technique on paper the colours merge and harmonize in their own way. 2017 is a very promising year for this artist, being invited to show her work in Antwerp this summer and at the famous art fair Art Basel. To be continued……..
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Du 6 mai Au 25 juin 2017

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