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Ryan Bock

Ryan Bock is an interdisciplinary visual artist living and working in Brooklyn, NY. Ryan Bock specializes in painting, drawing, puppetry, animation and experimental film methods. Preferring a hand crafted aesthetic, and feeling as if the use of computers diminishes the presence of his artistic hand- the majority of Bock’s work is devoid of digital mediums. Instead he focuses on the use of older, time teste analog methodes At the root of Bock’s practice is a need for narrative structure. Resting somewhere between mythology and nightmare Bock depicts mise en scène riddled with symbology and allusions both cinematic and painterly in nature. With a new found fascination for shape, shade, shadows, structure and optical illusions, Bock breaks his subject matter down into often barely recognizable delineations and structurally unsound reptitive patterns.
In an attempt to confront the modern individual’s relationship to mortality, fear and superstition, Bock often depicts correlations between the human figure and its innovations: technology, architecture and religion- both historically and fictitiously.
By consistently contrasting historical issues with those of current times, and using the reoccurring patterns found to generate predictions about our future (a process he refers to as ‘dusty futurism’) bock aims to propel his audience to question the routine human experience and disclose the illuzions set in place to keep them from questioning.
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