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Rudolf Burda

République Tchèque

"Since the beginning of the last century, art has adopted a series of new expressive materials, but glass and crystal are among those who today are primarily used in the context of applied arts. The most significant artists who in the recent period comprised works with application of glass, worked in Central Europe and particularly in Bohemia.

Rudolf Burda is connected to this remarkable tradition, both in its production design and free artistic creation, which develops the concept of dynamics and sloucenosti relationship with fundamental existential statements.
Glass, crystal, a material that somehow reconstructs the creation of natural crystals.

During their execution minerals undergoing a process known as "crystallization". At a certain temperature the ore is still in a liquid state to cooling solidifies to give polyhedral shape. The inner composition is characterized by perfect order in which are located the molecule. This harmonic structure is the reason why the natural compound derived electromagnetic force that has the ability to communicate in a positive manner.
These qualities Burda in his work trying to preserve and moreover trying to penetrate the secrets of matter, which is in itself seemed enchanted space in which the author gives us insight.

Burdová art objects reveal the secret layering of clear and colored glass and remind ubiquitous, universal ocean of cosmic forces that surround everything.

Color contrasts, insights and reflections of light objects, allowing visualize energy fields vital structures work.
Glass, crystal, which in the formation of Rudolf Burda preserves the memory of his transmutation effected conditions for galactic change, corresponding to the ebb and flow of life energy that connects the macrocosm and microcosm. Energy helps solve the conflict antagonism returning to Ark - primordial unity of matter and energy, the physical and metaphysical symbiosis. "

By Miroslava Hájek,
Art Historian, Critic and curator of Bruno Munari
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