German contemporary art galleries

Germany has one of the most developed networks of galleries in the world! In fact, in 1967 the first international contemporary art fair in the world was hosted in the city of Cologne. This initial art fair formed the framework for the art fair model that we know and love today! Go to any major city and you will be greeted with a high standard gallery to browse at your leisure. Always focusing on delivering the best and often concerned with delving into the roots of contemporary art, German galleries are not to be missed! The actual buildings often have unusual histories… Take for example, the Berlinische Galerie in Berlin, which started life as a glass warehouse. Today this gallery showcases a wide variety of artworks from 1870 to present day that cover a broad range of subjects such as eastern european Avant-Garde art. On top of these traditionally formatted galleries, Germany also offers spaces that focus on niche or specific artistic styles and mediums. The Camera Work Photo Gallery, for example, which held the David Bowie Day exhibition or the Museum for Urban Contemporary Art which, with its changing external appearance, acts as a central place for the celebration of urban art. Discover more German galleries on Artsper! 

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