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Galerie Martine Ehmer

Galerie Martine Ehmer

Brussels - Belgium

Ligne Bleue

Brussels From January 18, 2020 to February 16, 2020

Soloshow "Blue Line" Flee the acquis. Always. Non-stop. Hurry up on certainties to build other horizons, or simply open up to new perspectives. There is little art in conformism. No artist without a taste for the unexpected. Tiphaine and I learned about it. Our last surprise will be called “Ligne Bleue”. Continue the path initiated by two without falling into redundancy. A change of dogma. “Blue Line” is therefore that: a new postulate, a new line, a blue line. First, there is the unique chroma. By tribute. In Marrakech, city which saw us born and reborn. For adults too. Those who rocked our gaze. Matisse, Monory, Klein, of course. But beyond. Blue as a positive constraint. We evacuate the color, its ease. We run away from the habit and force the gesture to surpass ourselves. Monochromy is not a whim. It is a stimulus, a lever, a dogma which stops artifices and leads to the essential. Then comes the iteration. Treat the same object repeatedly. Use it to extract its full potential. Tiphaine has always known it. Its “Leg Language” is its best spokesperson. I also know it now. Since “Deep Pola” and my last residency at Jardin Rouge, I have declined his photos in multiple variations. Since the epoch serializes the image, so does our dogma. Finally, or above all, the association. That of the source and what it gives birth to. That of photography and painting. It is no longer a question of representing or translating the pola but of entering it, of diving into it. We seduced each other from a distance by the game of our correspondence. Now we are consumed by artistic work. From the parade to the act, our works unite and synthesize. The dogma is therefore common. Blue Line will be too. A concept which imposes radical renunciation. Usually we have said it. To the individual too. My body and my mind, put at the service of the work. Likewise, Tiphaine's body and mind offered to the creative act. Neither me nor her. At most, the Crespel entity willing to favor artistic research. And in this spirit of self-sacrifice, our dogma will demand sustained production. In time as in its volume. Blue Line, it will be 50 shades of our blue in 365 days.
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  • 200 rue haute
    1000, Brussels
    +32 473 59 02 85

Cédrix Crespel, Extase b1, Painting

Cédrix Crespel

Extase b1, 2019
47.2 x 47.2 x 1.6 inch


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