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Geometric Print

In 1910, Wassily Kandinsky became a pioneer of abstract art, a style where formal elements take precedence over any representation of reality. He was one of the first artists to place colour at the centre of his work. He carefully considered the symbolic meaning of different hues, for Kandinsky blue inspired peace, green was synonymous with stillness, red was representative of warmth and black signified the eternal silence. Kandinsky inspired the discovery of a new expression through uncharted territories and, along with Malevich and Mondrian, invented abstract art.

Inspired by the legacy of constructivism, and opposed to realism, these artists established a new approach to abstraction. Through the use of geometrical shapes, they explored artistic purity and simplification. Their canvases were characterised by squares, circles, rectangles and triangles.

Sonia Delaunay sought after simultaneous contrasts through the juxtaposition of geometric shapes and colours. Kazimir Malevich launched suprematism and played with geometric monochrome shapes on canvases. Victor Vasarely cleverly used shapes and colour, especially gradients, to create impressive optical illusions.

In contemporary art, the repetition of patterns is one of Yayoi Kusama's signature styles and Claude Viallat reproduces patterns obsessively. Julio Le Parc and Carlos Cruz Diez are among the pioneers of kinetic art and op-art, and more recently, Georges Rousse drew inspiration from Malevich for his work in photography with geometric anamorphs.

The gallerist's role was decisive in introducing this art and new artists to the general public, especially in France. For instance, the renowned gallerist Denise René supported Op-Art artists such as Vasarely after the Second World War. Today, galleries continue to play an essential role: The Perrotin gallery represents the great Venezuelan artist Jesus-Rafael Soto and the Gimpel & Müller gallery pays tribute to both famous and emerging contemporary artists such as Cruz-Diez while also giving continuing visibility to modern artist like Léon Zack or Guy de Lussigny.

In Artsper's selection of geometric art, discover the artists who developed this style, working in a number of different movements including cubism, kinetic art and optical art. You'll also be able to explore the work of many contemporary artists who continue to be fascinated by the possibilities offered by manipulating colours and shapes.

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Sol LeWitt, Forms Derived From a Cube, Print

Sol LeWitt

Forms Derived From a Cube, 1964
20.5 x 20.5 inch


Richard Texier, Le guetteur de sens, Print

Richard Texier

Le guetteur de sens, 1955
26 x 19.7 inch


Carlos Cruz-Diez, Induction Chromatique, Print

Carlos Cruz-Diez

Induction Chromatique, 1973
13.4 x 13.4 x 0.1 inch


Petr Strnad, Concept #20, Print

Petr Strnad

Concept #20, 2021
19.7 x 13.1 x 0 inch


Max Papart, Les chemins de la Lumière, Print

Max Papart

Les chemins de la Lumière, 1968
29.7 x 22 x 0.1 inch


Sandra Salamonová, Letters, Print

Sandra Salamonová

Letters, 2021
19.7 x 27.6 inch


Nissan Engel, Carnaval, Print

Nissan Engel

Carnaval, 1931
31.7 x 15.7 inch


Felipe Pantone, Integration System P01 FP377YYF, Print

Felipe Pantone

Integration System P01 FP377YYF, 2019
25.2 x 25.2 inch


Kumi Sugaï, 95, Print

Kumi Sugaï

95, 1995
30.7 x 22.4 x 0.4 inch


Julio Le Parc, Optical n.4, Print

Julio Le Parc

Optical n.4, 1976
13.4 x 9.6 x 0 inch

$1,000 $1,333

Jesús Perea, M420, Print

Jesús Perea

M420, 2018
39.4 x 27.6 inch


Shu Takahashi, Morning star, Print

Shu Takahashi

Morning star, 1970
24.4 x 18.5 x 0 inch

$363 $485

Luigi Veronesi, Composition, Print

Luigi Veronesi

Composition, 1975
27.6 x 19.7 x 0 inch


Nato Frascà, Geometry, Print

Nato Frascà

Geometry, 1975
29.9 x 19.7 x 0.1 inch


Gottfried Honegger, Heraklit I, Print

Gottfried Honegger

Heraklit I, 1986
11 x 7.6 inch


Sabine Finkenauer, Cube, Print

Sabine Finkenauer

Cube, 2016
11.8 x 15.7 x 0.4 inch


León Ferrari, A un lado por la izquierda, Print

León Ferrari

A un lado por la izquierda, 2009
22 x 15 inch


Vuk Vidor, French Art History (A), Print

Vuk Vidor

French Art History (A), 2016
39.4 x 27.6 inch


Joan Brossa, Rellotge de sol, Print

Joan Brossa

Rellotge de sol, 1989
24.4 x 19.7 inch


Almir da Silva Mavignier, Strukturen und Prinzipien, Print

Almir da Silva Mavignier

Strukturen und Prinzipien, 1979
32.9 x 23.4 x 0 inch


Ivo Pannaggi, The Builders, Print

Ivo Pannaggi

The Builders, 1975
19.7 x 27.8 x 0.1 inch


Thomas  Canto, Still Life Of Space Time, Print

Thomas Canto

Still Life Of Space Time, 2015
23.6 x 23.6 inch


Achille Perilli, Ratio, Print

Achille Perilli

Ratio, 1970
19.7 x 27.6 x 0 inch


Giuseppe Riccardo Lanza, Untitled, Print

Giuseppe Riccardo Lanza

Untitled, 1970
27.6 x 19.7 x 0.1 inch


Renato Livi, Perspective III, Print

Renato Livi

Perspective III, 1971
25.2 x 18.9 x 0 inch


Paolo Cotani, Geometric Figures, Print

Paolo Cotani

Geometric Figures, 1970
25.2 x 18.9 x 0 inch


Marie Orensanz, Comunicar energía, Print

Marie Orensanz

Comunicar energía, 2017
11.8 x 15.7 inch


Jorge Macchi, El secreto, Print

Jorge Macchi

El secreto, 2011
19.7 x 29.5 inch


Ërell, "K", Print


"K", 2017
27.6 x 19.7 x 0.1 inch


Dalek, Sans-titre, Print


Sans-titre, 2017
18.1 x 24 x 0 inch


Blandine Galtier, Instant 8, Print

Blandine Galtier

Instant 8, 2016
23.6 x 31.5 x 0.4 inch


José Ramón Dìaz Alejandro, Totem Machine, Print

José Ramón Dìaz Alejandro

Totem Machine, 1980
21.7 x 16.1 x 0 inch


Lek, Estampe 1, Print


Estampe 1, 2017
11.8 x 11.8 inch


Luis Camnitzer, Portfolio Two parallel lines, Print

Luis Camnitzer

Portfolio Two parallel lines, 2014
11 x 16.9 inch


Gunther Forg, Sans titre (Grid Picture), Print

Gunther Forg

Sans titre (Grid Picture), 2001
26.8 x 20.5 x 0.4 inch


Our recommendations Louis Granet, Prêt à l'emploi (8g de bleu), Print

Louis Granet

Prêt à l'emploi (8g de bleu), 2020
15.7 x 11.8 inch


Elio Marchegiani, Grammature Di Colore (Color Weight), Print

Elio Marchegiani

Grammature Di Colore (Color Weight), 1970
18.7 x 25.6 x 0.1 inch


Geneviève Claisse, Composition géométrique, Print

Geneviève Claisse

Composition géométrique, 2014
34.1 x 24 inch


Our recommendations Marie Labat, Coquelicot et Camomille, Print

Marie Labat

Coquelicot et Camomille, 2018
56.7 x 35.4 x 0.1 inch


Kai and Sunny, Lots of Bits of Star / Série 2, Print

Kai and Sunny

Lots of Bits of Star / Série 2, 2014
16.5 x 11.8 inch


Camilla Falsini, Dragon, Print

Camilla Falsini

Dragon, 2019
18.1 x 14.6 inch


Popay, Les marches du bon air, Print


Les marches du bon air, 2019
27.6 x 19.7 inch


Étienne Martin, Cadran natal I, Print

Étienne Martin

Cadran natal I, 1990
10.6 x 8.7 inch


Auguste Herbin, Nue, Print

Auguste Herbin

Nue, 1961
26.4 x 19.7 inch


Mitsouko Mori, Carré rouge, Print

Mitsouko Mori

Carré rouge, 2014
21.3 x 14.6 inch


Joanna Wiszniewska Domanska, Still Life with a house (...), Print

Joanna Wiszniewska Domanska

Still Life with a house (...), 2003
11.4 x 9.8 inch


J/Y Delaunay-Israël, Curva 10, Print

J/Y Delaunay-Israël

Curva 10, 1998
43.3 x 43.3 x 0.4 inch


Ilya Bolotowsky, Blue Diamond II, Print

Ilya Bolotowsky

Blue Diamond II, 1979
22 x 30 inch


Our recommendations Hans Hinterreiter, Composition 4, Print

Hans Hinterreiter

Composition 4, 1974
29.9 x 22 inch


Notte, Lost Sphere Canyon, Print


Lost Sphere Canyon, 2020
39.4 x 27.6 x 0 inch


Our recommendations Hyo Myoung Kim, Portrait of Suits: Nicolas Sarkozy, Print

Hyo Myoung Kim

Portrait of Suits: Nicolas Sarkozy, 2011
39.4 x 26.4 inch


Tatiana Lebedev, Etude de couleur pour AG_55, Print

Tatiana Lebedev

Etude de couleur pour AG_55, 2020
23.6 x 15.7 x 0.1 inch


Pedro Friedeberg, Encuentro de Dos Mundos, Print

Pedro Friedeberg

Encuentro de Dos Mundos, 1987
24 x 24 inch


Antonio Asis, Sans titre 2, Print

Antonio Asis

Sans titre 2, 2013
19.7 x 19.5 x 0 inch


Roser Bru, Milena Jesenska, Print

Roser Bru

Milena Jesenska, 1979
29.9 x 22 inch


Roxane Borujerdi, Sans titre, Print

Roxane Borujerdi

Sans titre, 2012
12.6 x 8.3 x 0.8 inch


Théo Lopez, D.I.M 3, Print

Théo Lopez

D.I.M 3, 2020
19.7 x 15.7 inch


Karin Monschauer, Kreisel, Print

Karin Monschauer

Kreisel, 2015
35.4 x 35.4 inch


Cesar Lopez Osornio, La otra geometria 7, Print

Cesar Lopez Osornio

La otra geometria 7, 1994
22.4 x 30.3 inch


Jean-Pierre Yvaral, 50 Shades of Blue, Print

Jean-Pierre Yvaral

50 Shades of Blue, 1970
29.5 x 29.5 inch


Jules Engel, The Alphabet (Beige), Print

Jules Engel

The Alphabet (Beige), 1970
21.5 x 21.5 inch


a.muse, Criss Cross, Print


Criss Cross, 2019
11.5 x 9.5 inch


Robert Morris, Inmate Work Project: Perpetual Construction and Dismantling of the Labyrinth from In the Realm of the Carceral, Print

Robert Morris

Inmate Work Project: Perpetual Construction and Dismantling of the Labyrinth from In the Realm of the Carceral, 1978
48 x 37 inch


Jurgen Peters, Chrystal, Print

Jurgen Peters

Chrystal, 1982
27.5 x 27.5 inch


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