Contemporary Women Surrealists

Contemporary female Surrealists explore the unconscious mind through their often fantastical or illogical and highly thought-provoking artwork. While artists such as Salvador Dali and René Magritte became icons of the Surrealist movement, views about women in the art world at the time meant that the work of many women Surrealists was underrated, with the exception of a handful, such as Frida Kahlo and Dorothea Tanning.

Today, the number of Surrealist women has greatly increased and female artists explore the movement's key principles using a variety of styles and mediums. Photographers Dasha Pears and Julie Lagier both use pastel color palettes and surreal portraits to create a mesmerizing dreamlike atmosphere in their work. French painter Alexandra Battezati draws inspiration from Magritte with her surreal depiction of nature and trees, often seen in vibrant colors or even floating among the clouds. Meanwhile, Lithuanian painter Daiva Kaireviciute melds together the human body with an object or creature in order to create bizarre yet captivating fantastical forms. Other artists use Surrealism to add a humorous tone to their work, such as Spanish photographer Paola Pivi whose images place animals in the most illogical of spaces. 

Dive into the female perspective of Surrealism and discover Artsper's selection of contemporary Surrealist women!

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