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France Born in: 1989

Sandra Guilbot Allias "Sandrot" (her first name and her name are merged), was born in Marseille in 1989.

She draws since her childhood and it is from the age of 6 that she feels that painting would be a way to express themselves.

After obtaining her Applied Arts degree, she prepares a Master's degree in painting restoration.

A major click then occurs when she becomes aware of the words that one of her teachers had sent to the whole class: "Among you there are future restorers of paintings, but if you slumber the soul of an artist, you will not be able to become a restaurateur". Sandrot suddenly realizes that she did not want to restore the works of others. She wanted it to be hers that one day will be restored!

Since then, she has never stopped painting ...

Today, her artistic world is mainly animal, although she does not neglect the portraits and some detours on sometimes surprising themes.

Sandrot describes her works as "savages", which she produces mainly on large canvases, but sometimes on walls too!

Multicolored artist, her creations are borrowed from a particular style that characterizes her work:

- There are these coulures, so particular, which bring a part of her soul to the subject,

- There is also a very sharp work on the relief that adds an incomparable wild and structured side,

- There are also those bright and contrasting colors that the artist marries with accuracy,

- There are especially those looks that catch you, disturb you, and do not let go!

Look at her paintings and you will see the strength, power, emotion, which Sandrot permeates her creations to make them unique and original.

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Sandrot, Lith-Pr 1, Print


Lith-Pr 1, 2020
45.7 x 30.7 x 0.4 inch

$ 720

Sandrot, Tigre T30, Painting


Tigre T30, 2019
28.7 x 27.6 x 0.4 inch

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