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Oak Oak

Behind the nickname Oak Oak, lies a young street artist born in Saint-Etienne.

Since 2006 Oak Oak has chosen the urban world as his favorite playground and place of inspiration, exhibition and creation for his artwork. In his passage through all the cities that cross his way, he leaves his trace, borrowed from geek culture.

Oak Oak conceives his work according to the environment, in fact, the street is not only an inspiration for him but above all his support, he likes to transform the elements, facilities, trash bins, traffic lights etc, nothing escapes from him.

Oak Oak creates pieces that are a combination of humor and urban poetry.
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Oak Oak, Palette 1 (Astroboy), Painting

Oak Oak

Palette 1 (Astroboy), 2018
13.5 x 18 inch


Oak Oak, Don Quichotte, Print

Oak Oak

Don Quichotte, 2017
19.7 x 19.7 x 0.4 inch


Few works remaining by Oak Oak

These are the last remaining works by Oak Oak.
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Masters of Urban Contemporary Art

End To End Gallery

Masters of Urban Contemporary Art
From March 20, 2021 To May 27, 2021

Best on the Street

End To End Gallery

Best on the Street
From December 17, 2020 To January 16, 2021

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