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Margot Barbier


My initiation into the art began at a young age, first motivated by health concerns preventing me from perpetuating the family sporting tradition. I quickly become passionate about art and art history. From primary school, I began to practice drawing and painting but also the study of art history in workshops. From teacher to teacher, I acquire new techniques (acrylic, oil, charcoal ...), new notions (colors, construction, rhythm ...), and I am interested in new artists, both classical and contemporary. Since 2016, I regularly and with pleasure confront myself with the eyes of the public during group or individual exhibitions. I live and work in Venelles near Aix en Provence and I made the choice at the dawn of my twentieth year of life as an artist!

Steps :

Painter and designer, my heart balances between color and black and white. My favorite techniques are oil painting, charcoal and red chalk. I try to transcribe a rhythm, a light, colors that reflect a personality, the emotions, the uniqueness of a person. Artist attached to history, the history of art, the great History, the small stories, the history of all or of an individual; I create women who carry all these stories. From universal history to personal history, there is sometimes only one step and above all a lot of links. Links that become lines and are at the heart of my work. I am looking for both an aesthetic construction of the work and a questioning of the identity of women. Women at the heart of the lines as at the heart of their lifelines. Threads, symbols of an invisible construction that unite us, bind us, attract us or hold us back ... Women who tell us about themselves behind appearances. Women who question the viewer or mirror themselves, sometimes seeming to disappear in a setting or a costume, they are nevertheless always there and know how to impose their presence.

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Margot Barbier, Opéra, Painting

Margot Barbier

Opéra, 2017
39.4 x 19.7 inch

$ 3,144

Margot Barbier, Le Baisemain, Painting

Margot Barbier

Le Baisemain, 2018
36.2 x 23.6 inch

$ 3,773

Margot Barbier, Blue Mood, Painting

Margot Barbier

Blue Mood, 2020
23.6 x 11.8 inch

$ 1,258

Margot Barbier, Discernement, Painting

Margot Barbier

Discernement, 2019
11.8 x 15.7 inch

$ 755

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