Artists Working in Monochrome

Monochrome art, meaning art that only consists of one color or hue, can be found in many different artistic styles and movements. From abstract to realistic works, artists often use a monochrome color palette to achieve visual effects in their works. Monochrome painting, for example, can be used to create the effect of simplicity, purity or tranquility, eliminating the distraction of a varied color palette. 

With the development of abstract art in the mid-20th century, abstract monochrome works increased in popularity. As well as rejecting the artistic traditions such as realism, these artists went a step further by also rejecting the use of multiple colors. Some of the most famous examples of abstract artists who created monochrome works in this period include Kasimir Malevich, Ad Reinhardt and Yves Klein. Klein's famous monochromatic blue works consist of the color that the artist invented himself, which he called International Klein Blue. This was an innovative step to be taken by an artist, who is still associated with this shade of blue.

Artsper has curated a selection of artists following on from this monochromatic artistic legacy. Take a look at our picks, including artists such as Emanuele Ravagnani and Lucia Tallová, today!

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