Nature sculpture

Artists have represented nature throughout the history of art, from prehistoric cave paintings to Impressionist landscapes. For many creators the natural world is an immense source of inspiration, and represents their link to their homeland, to the planet, and to the past. The diversity of form, color and texture in nature makes it a rich source of inspiration for visual artists of all types. Plants, animals and other elements of the natural world are also often represented in art as a form of symbolism, appearing frequently in religious and philosophical artworks. 

Artists working in sculpture are often particularly drawn to nature as a subject matter. The material and tactile nature of sculpture make it an ideal art form for representing the natural world. Sculptures that represent natural elements come in diverse forms, ranging from three-dimensional depictions of landscapes, to works that incorporate physical elements of nature, to representations of plants and animals

Today, join Artsper as we explore the beauty of planet earth through the world of sculpture, with artists such as Philip Hearsey and Anastasiya Protsenko!

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