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Claude Sauthier

Switzerland Born in: 1929

Claude Sauthier was born in Geneva on February 2, 1929, died in Geneva on October 4, 2016.

Follows the School of Decorative Arts in Geneva to become a graphic designer.

Shortly after obtaining his diploma, he left Geneva for Peru with his wife Liliane Germond. The couple will have three children, including a daughter who died at the age of 14, in 1968.

He worked as a graphic designer in Lima for 4 years.

Back in Geneva where he would stay the rest of his life, he worked for the Humbert graphic design office for a while, then opened his own office.

At the same time, he teaches Decorative Arts, an activity he will exercise until his retirement.

From his youth, Claude Sauthier was interested in drawing and painting.

He mainly paints landscapes. For a long period (years 60-70), he painted in gouache seascapes on the Atlantic coast, seashores in Vendée or Brittany.

Then, fascinated by Brueghel's winter scenes, whose paintings he saw in Vienna, he began to paint winter landscapes. He acquired the technique of oil painting, which he practiced on canvas or on wood prepared in the old fashioned way.

He chooses his landscapes in the Geneva region, in Savoy, in Gruyère, and sometimes in German Switzerland. His paintings are appreciated, and he will exhibit regularly in a Bernese gallery, then in Lausanne (Galerie d'Etraz).

He also developed a great mastery of watercolor, which he exercised during trips to Scotland, Venice or France.

Eye surgery results in loss of color vision, and in his last activities as an artist, he draws landscapes in graphite.

The artist's ratings and indices are based on 47 auctions in painting and drawing-watercolor. The oldest recorded auction is a painting sold in 1992 at Dobiaschofsky Auktionen AG and the most recent is a painting sold in 2019.

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Claude Sauthier, Paysage de neige, Painting

Claude Sauthier

Paysage de neige, 1970
25.6 x 36.2 x 0.4 inch

$ 5,619

Claude Sauthier, La Treille, Painting

Claude Sauthier

La Treille, 1981
14.6 x 9.8 x 0.4 inch

$ 1,376

Claude Sauthier, Machine agricole dans la neige, Painting

Claude Sauthier

Machine agricole dans la neige, 2000
17.7 x 23.6 x 0.8 inch

$ 4,014

Claude Sauthier, Venise La Salute, Painting

Claude Sauthier

Venise La Salute, 1989
20.5 x 28 x 0.8 inch

$ 4,014

Claude Sauthier, Près d'Evire, Painting

Claude Sauthier

Près d'Evire, 1969
17.7 x 23.6 x 0.4 inch

$ 4,014

Claude Sauthier, La jonction (petit format), Painting

Claude Sauthier

La jonction (petit format), 1990
11.8 x 15.7 x 0.8 inch

$ 2,867

Claude Sauthier, Près de Renex, Vaud, Painting

Claude Sauthier

Près de Renex, Vaud, 1980
31.5 x 31.5 x 0.8 inch

$ 4,473

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