Robin F. Williams

United States  • 1984


Robin F. Williams, born in 1984, lives and works in Brooklyn, New York City. Having received her BFA from the Rhode Island School of Design, Williams is principally known for her large-scale canvas figurative paintings of women, through which she grapples with themes of gender binaries, childhood and identity. Her painting style, often bold in color and in artistic technique, comes together to create a striking and coherent body of work. 

In recent years, Williams has featured her work in galleries across the United States, and now permanently exhibits her work in her native Brooklyn, at the Brooklyn Museum. Her paintings have otherwise been exhibited in Japan and Canada.

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Print, Earth Prayer, Robin F. Williams

Earth Prayer

Robin F. Williams

Print - 36.5 x 50.2 x 2.54 cm Print - 14.4 x 19.8 x 1 inch


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When was Robin F. Williams born?
The year of birth of the artist is: 1984