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Eric Roberts

United States

Eric's art is free expression, unlimited by traditional art form, and is an expression of his inner most feelings and beliefs. His artwork  encompasses how he feels about love, beauty, sensitivity and so much patience. He paints impressions of a abstract idea, putting the paint on the paper, and knows how the painting will turn out.  The way he would like it to. He knows what he wants and strive towards it.

In his words, He say's “I must remember that all that appears to be is reality. Reality can be a hallucination, and idea, or a dream.  These paintings are the dreams of what a real world blocks out of sight. We see. yet we really do not. Art is worth it all: to see, live, react, explore, be.

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No works available by Eric Roberts

Unfortunately, there are currently no available works by Eric Roberts.
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Inspired by Nature

Branner Spangenberg Gallery

Inspired by Nature
From April 21, 2020 To December 25, 2020

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