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Lars Myren's projects © Arnaldo J. Ramirez Ricardo

Based in Norway, Lars Myren is the owner of the renowned interior design firm LM Design Studio. His interior designs are bold yet refined, combining modernity with traditional elements to achieve a timeless and balanced feel. Artsper had the pleasure of talking to Lars about his creative process, artistic influences and dream design projects.

1. Hello Lars! Thank you for taking the time to talk to us. Can you tell us your favorite design project to date?

I worked on a house for an avid art collector. Everything from the layout of the rooms, the lighting to the smallest decor details was created around the various art pieces and the placements for them. It was a mammoth task to design creative solutions with function and aesthetics. The hues of the colors on the walls, the angles, intensity and temperature of the lighting, the CRI and natural light in each room, and the color palettes of the art were studied in great detail to let the pieces stand out by themselves, but also work in coherence with the other pieces in the house. It was of course paramount to make the house feel like a home and not a gallery. To say the least it was ever so rewarding when it all came to fruition.

2. Your interior designs are eclectic and adventurous, mixing textures and patterns while achieving an element of refinement. Does finding this balance come naturally to you, or is it something you feel you have refined throughout your career?

I wish I could explain where I learned it from but it sort of just comes to me. I presume it is an advantage to have a bit of fearlessness and not be afraid to go bold. But, also to have respect, and a deeper understanding of the materials and textures. In addition it is important to trust your instincts. Whether born with it or not, I have become better as I have evolved professionally and personally.

3. Which design or artistic movements do you feel have impacted your work the most?

For me it has been an assortment of design movements. I have never been hyper-focused on any one in particular. I could not design without understanding the qualities of contemporary, modern and traditional. In my design I love mixing styles and eras. This is what makes spaces interesting and gives them meaning.

As far as artistic movements go, it is without a doubt Abstract Expressionism. Both artistic directions within the movement are wildly intriguing. The way the action painters attacked their canvases with elaborate strokes and colors, to the more austere members who were interested in myths and religion, creating simple compositions of colors meant for contemplation. I can most certainly draw parallels from those works to how I design interiors.

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Lars Myren's projects © Arnaldo J Ramirez Ricardo

4. As well as a designer, you are also an art lover. Can you tell us some of your favorite artists right now, whether established or emerging?

I am not a fan of the word favorite because what I enjoy at any given time is ever evolving. The term “favorite" applies when we put a label on it. I have tried my entire life to not fit into a box, or rather, I have tried to smash the proverbial box to smithereens.

I do have an affinity and deep respect for the work of David Paul Kay – his simple strokes and intricate patterns are superbly done. Others are Mat's Mind, Azeez Abiodun Nafiu and Yeachin Tsai.

Icy & Sot are very talented. Their exhibition “Let her be free" was truly moving.

ZOLO (Michael Zolnowski) is one of the emerging artists whose work is phenomenal!! The way they use dry pastels with bold colors to create dreamlike distorted portraits of people and cities is astonishing. It is vulnerable, the expression of deeply intimate moments really resonates with me.

Lately I have given more attention to sculptures. They bring another dimension and energy to a room. They can take on an infinite amount of shapes. As we are gyrating around them, their meaning morphs into something completely different from whichever viewpoint we see them from. Homes should have more of them.

I have also found a new appreciation for the works of Nerdrum, Widerberg, Botticelli, Vermeer (to name a few). It has been captivating to be able to observe their work from a different cultural identity.

5. Do you find that your interest in the visual arts plays an important role in your career and design projects?

Absolutely. Design and arts are the same. It is the synergy of the two that elevates a project and makes it come alive. It is interlocking. It is impossible to have one without the other. To do a project without art is a rather dull endeavor. It will be missing that je ne sais quoi. Just like art I want my designs to evoke a feeling, instigate something inside you and challenge you.

But, art is not only for the walls. We also have the art pieces for the floor. Rugs and carpets have become more elaborate and I think people have gotten more aware of how many possibilities are available. In addition to being an interior designer, I am also launching my own home collection called “The Aesthete". First out is a rug collection. When I designed them, I was able to explore a different part of my artistic side which changed with how I felt emotionally at any given time during the process, and it was those feelings that ended up being expressed.

I also dabble in painting, which I use as a release for my darker side. The sum of all this plays a huge role in how I live and work.

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Lars Myren's' projects © Arnaldo J Ramirez Ricardo

6. You are very active on Instagram, where you often curate selections of interiors that inspire you. Do you find social media to be generally beneficial to your creativity?

Social media has many benefits. It has made the world smaller and more accessible. It is so much easier to connect. Doing remote design projects has become the norm, which I love. It is a fantastic way to reach a broad range of people and markets. My Instagram account is seen by 3.5 million people weekly, which is daunting to think about really.

I would not say social media is my go-to source for inspiration but, when I do need a top up, be it interior design, architecture or art, I always take a deep dive down the rabbit hole of Instagram.

I have connected with so many other designers, suppliers and artists throughout the world using Instagram and LinkedIn etc. Which, I would never have had the opportunity to do if it wasn't for social media. Also, most importantly, many projects have come via social media.

7. Finally, if you could take on your dream design project, what and where would it be?

Love the question. My dream projects are always those I am currently working on. But being an endless dreamer, It would be a luxury boutique resort somewhere remote. Perhaps in Tibet or the Amazonian jungle. I also quite fancy doing a boutique cruise ship. Full artistic freedom to create an extraordinary utopia mixing opulence and simplicity in its purest form. Incorporating various art styles and an abundance of surprising elements, textures, materials, colors and shapes. So for those that have such projects, hit me up!

Their favorite artworks

The New American Flag, Icy & Sot

The New American Flag

Icy & Sot

Photography - 29.9 x 44.9 inch


High Mass in B minor by J.-S. Bach, Olha Kizub

High Mass in B minor by J.-S. Bach

Olha Kizub

Painting - 34.3 x 26 x 0.6 inch


Gold amber wings, Tom Marosz

Gold amber wings

Tom Marosz

Sculpture - 24 x 24 x 10 inch


Cat Woman Julie Newmar, Dane Shue

Cat Woman Julie Newmar

Dane Shue

Painting - 24 x 18 x 1 inch