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Photographs of Zachary-Jones Studio projects, top left and bottom right: "Cantura," top right and bottom left: "Bunea Park" © Sara Ligorria-Tramp

Sarah Zachary, founder of Zachary-Jones Studio, creates spaces that are warm, personal, and always unique. Working closely with clients allows her to create spaces that reflect the history of each building and the people that inhabit it, while focussing on fine craftsmanship and natural materials. Join Artsper as we dive into Sarah Zachary's world, and chat with her about Zachary-Jones Studio, her relationship to the arts, and her dream project.

1. Hello Sarah! Could you tell us a bit about your background in design and how Zachary-Jones Studio came to be?

I was surrounded by design and fine furniture from a young age. My dad works in the film industry as a production designer. He is also a woodworker and one of his close friends was Sam Maloof. Growing up, we spent every Christmas Eve at his home that he built himself. I remember touching every piece of furniture in his house because it was always finished so perfectly. I studied History of Art and Architecture in college at UC Santa Barbara. After graduating I dipped my toe into a few different creative fields. I worked at an art gallery, on a pilot with my dad, and at a fashion label. I eventually interned at a design firm and have been working in design since. I started my own firm in 2017 while also working at Lawson-Fenning, a furniture design studio and showroom. I am still the Brand Director there.

2. If you had to define the core value of your design practice in one sentence, what would it be?

I believe that the furnishings should respect the architectural details of a home.

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Photographs of Zachary-Jones Studio project "Moreno" © Sara Ligorria-Tramp

3. You often incorporate vintage furniture pieces into your interiors. What is important to consider when looking for vintage pieces?

Vintage furniture is what adds character to a space. I like to hunt for unique pieces that are not so ubiquitous. Something that has not been replicated a million times. It makes the space feel one of a kind to the client and not like a pinterest board.

4. Can you tell us about your favorite design project to date?

My favorite project to date is the Moreno project in Silver Lake. The home was very inspiring on its own but what really made it my favorite was that the clients were super trusting so I could be more adventurous in my design decisions. We specified wallpaper in almost every room and used really bold colors throughout. It feels like a true expression of my style but also like that of my clients.

5. Do you often look to the visual arts for creative inspiration? If so, what are some artists that you have your eye on at the moment?

Absolutely. I get most of my inspiration from TV and film. I love the sets in movies by Wes Anderson, Stanley Kubrick, Joe Wright, and Greta Gerwig. Obviously these references are very different but I love the way they are lit. I feel like lighting is such a big part of how a room feels.

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Photographs of Zachary-Jones Studio project "Moreno" © Sara Ligorria-Tramp

6. What advice would you give to an aspiring interior designer?

Prepare to learn how to say no and how to deliver bad news, and to not take things personally. Interior design is such a personal business and it is difficult to set boundaries in such an intimate setting, but it is essential. I would also say be an over communicator. Nothing scares me more than when a vendor ghosts me. Clients appreciate communication even if it is bad news.

7. Finally, if you could design the home of any person in the world, alive or not, who would you choose and why?

It is a tie between Joan Didion and Solange Knowles, but they certainly do not need a designer. I love how they both are effortlessly cool and have timeless style. They both have a very calm, thoughtful demeanor and razor sharp taste.

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Their favorite artworks

Black Volta (Mouhoun) - Untitled n°14, Adrien Bitibaly

Black Volta (Mouhoun) - Untitled n°14

Adrien Bitibaly

Photography - 24.6 x 19.7 x 1.6 inch


Le couple au chat, Sarah Tritz

Le couple au chat

Sarah Tritz

Design - 43.3 x 26.8 x 15.7 inch

Price upon request