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Renato Pasmanik

Born in: 1970


Artiste célèbre


For Renato Pasmanik, fourty-four years old brazilian, photography is a lifelong passion.

Since 1998 he has gradually constructed a photographic oeuvre that combines both dream and reality. His work goes beyond the notion of time and his photographs bear witness to the immensity of nature and of human warmth.

He has created portraits of the leading directors and maîtres d’hôtel of Sao Paulo’s gourmet restaurants.

And, bound by the magic of earth and space, he has photographed the Antartic, the Lençois Maranhenses, a desert region of Brazil, the Pantanal, the world’s most humid region and, lastly, the African continent.

Unlike Arthus-Bertrand, who is obsessed with the search for explanations, Renato Pasmanik calls for a contemplation that is constructive rather than dazed, as if the eye that looks at his photographs were trying to find again original purity and the earth’s substance.

There is in the contemplation of Renato Pasmanik’s work a kind of equanimity, a serenity and plenitude, but also lucidity.

These qualities are to be found in his latest work, Le regard silencieux (The Silent Gaze), where the beauty of the landscapes relates to the human consciousness.

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  • Brazilian Artist

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Artiste célèbre

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