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Sun Jiaping

Born in: 1957 China

Sun Jiaping

Sun Jiaping is a Chinese artist and art critic born in 1957. He is considered to be a "genius painter" mainly thanks to his rich and diverse body of work. He uses various techniques and mediums : oil painting, comics, engraving, traditional Chinese painting, plum painting, murals and photography.

After graduating from the famous Xun Lu Art Academy, Sun Jiaping moved to Baishan in the northern part of China. He is today Director of the Photography Department of the Chinese Artists Center, President of the Jindun Art School, and Chief Editor of the magazine "Beaux-Arts Journal Haixia".

Having grown up with Manchou ethnic group, he is familiar with the traditions and religion of the group. Since his childhood, he has heard of characters from Chinese mythology and icons of chamanism. His works are inspired by scenes of sacred ceremonies and combine murals, paintings on rocks, engravings, shadow plays and papercuttings; the result is a completely new style : symbolic spiritual art.
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At the Border of Spirituality and Imagination

Galerie Double S

At the Border of Spirituality and Imagination
From September, 15 To October, 11 2015

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