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Claudie Dimbeng

Cote D'Ivoire Born in: 1968
Claudie Dimbeng is an Ivorian artist born in 1968. She lived in Germany, Côte d'Ivoire and Austria before settling in Paris where she studied Interior Design at the Ecole Supérieure des arts Modernes, from 1987 to 1991.

Claudie Dimbeng originated the "Mixed Art Relief" which is inspired by Vohou-Vohou -An Ivorian art trend of the 70s advocating the use of local raw materials and recovered materials such as tapa, burlap, raffia, and natural pigments- which she combines with the sfumato technique, which is a technique from the Renaissance - consisting on superimposing several layers of paint to give the illusion of relief and depth.
The Vohou-Vohou is a trend with aesthetic and ideological claims, based on identity declaration and the importance of the culture of origin.
Abstract as well as figurative, the "Mixed Art Relief" is a largely symbolic art. It exalts the link between the artist and his land of origin, adoption or passage. The mixing of cultures giving place to a new identity.

The work of Claudie Dimbeng is readily feminine, even feminist in her approach, some of the subjects the artist addresses are: birth, gynaeceum etc. The artist created controversy with some of the works she exposed in 2012 at the Unesco. Representing women and her sex, they were censored by the committee of ethics.

Her first exhibition was held at the Lorizon Gallery in Paris in 2002. Since then, her works have been exhibited in Africa, UAE and Europe: At the Quai Branly Museum in 2011, at the UNESCO headquarters (where she represented Côte d'Ivore in 2012), at the Arts Pluriels Gallery in Abidjan (2013) and at the Kino Kino museum in Norway (2015).
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