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Isabel Espinoza

Born in: 1969


Isabel Espinoza is an Ecuadorian artist who lives and works between Puerto Quito (Ecuador) and Buenos Aires (Argentina).

The work of Isabel Espinoza cannot be confined to a single medium: drawing, sculpture, painting, installations, performance, the Ecuadorian artist invests herself physically in her work in which the void and the space occupy a primary role. For the last ten years, Isabel Espinoza - who has also studied anthropology - has been exploring the theme of identity.

First -- individual identities, with her Metafora de los Escudos (Metaphor of Shields) series. Her large shields in transparent paper, that she produces herself from vegetal fibers, are symbols of both pride and fragility, of an identity that has to be preserved.

In her series Centros y Debordes (Centers and overflows), Isabel explores the concept of global identity: in the age of communication, when singularities disappear in favor of a world "culture", how can we define ourselves? Who is surrounding us, are we at the center or at the periphery? How are identities formed, how do they face each other, how do they mix?

The element that unifies these works can also be found in the paper support: the paper that she makes herself in Ecuador or the paper on which she paints. After all, "papel" means in Spanish both "paper" and "role"...
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  • Ecuadorean Artist

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