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Floriane Lisowski

Born in: 1970



Floriane Brisotto is an adventurer, passionate for the great outdoors, and encounters with far away places. Of a curious nature she is driven by her passion to discover the world and for human exchange. Unique and charming, Floriane is passionate about others. It is this emphaty which has led her to travel all around the world to satisfy her thirst for adventures and to be in constant search of "strong" emotions.

Each time she travels, she absorbs everything she can from the local life and culture, to experience the life of others by coming close to the people that she meets.
With multiple experiences, following her desires and her opportunities in life, she was a model, columnist, actress, extra, TV host... Today, at 47, she is a dynamic woman who combines two of her passions, art and television.

She continued her career in front of the cameras and realized several works for tv as well as documentaries and magazines (Montaigne TV, Ushuaia TV, TV5 Monde and recently, Elles Girls TV).
In 2010, she climbed mountains to find small authentic villages and made them known to the public through the magazine "Vies d'en Haut" diffused on Montaigne TV. She also worked as presenter and animator for the channel for three years, in the "Immanquables" and as a columnist besides Stephane Thebaut in the program "2 Heures de Marches".
Since 2013, she has been focusing on filming abroad and has been sharing the world with men and women with whom she shares her life which she wants the public to discover. Floriane and Pascal Sarragot embodies, the program " Chacun son Monde" on Ushuaia TV and TV5 Monde.

In parallel, she became a renowned visual artist and incorporated her discoveries to her art.
Influenced by her numerous trips, her experiences and encounters have led her to put careful attention on the environment. To the point, that she makes and will make an obligation out of her personal commitment to her keen view of the world. Her reflections, nourrished by her accute observation of a changing landscape, become the source of her artistic approach.

Exploiting a bank of images that took her twenty years to collect, she proposes a fusional approach that combines photography, painting and digital technology. This mixture was intended to invest the framework differently and to be able to propose a new perception of reality. Each piece becomes a pretext to wonder about the transformation of the world that has the imprint of man.

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Floriane Lisowski, SMcQ Challenge, Painting

Floriane Lisowski

SMcQ Challenge, 2016
50 x 50 x 3 cm

€1 500

Floriane Lisowski, SMcQ Bullit, Painting

Floriane Lisowski

SMcQ Bullit, 2017
100 x 100 x 4 cm

€3 500

Floriane Lisowski, SMcQ 1970 Moto USA, Painting

Floriane Lisowski

SMcQ 1970 Moto USA, 2017
130 x 90 x 4 cm

Sold out

Floriane Lisowski, SMcQ Le Mans, Painting

Floriane Lisowski

SMcQ Le Mans, 2017
50 x 50 x 3 cm

€1 500

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