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Noar Noarnito

Born in: 1973


Noar Noarnito is a French street artist, born in Paris. He studied applied art at Ecole Olivier-de-Serres. Once he graduated, he lived for seven years between Asia and Middle East. When he came back to France, he moved to Dordogne. This setting helped him even more for his painting but also for land art. He then moved to La Rochelle, where he still lives and works.

Noar Noarnito began street art in La Rochelle. He quickly combined his creations with collages and stencil on city walls. Urban space became an open air gallery for the artist. His poetic universe is trendy and based on art history but the artist mainly likes to follow his inspiration.
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Noar Noarnito, Elle, Painting

Noar Noarnito

Elle, 2016
59.1 x 23.6 x 1.2 inch


Noar Noarnito, Back, Painting

Noar Noarnito

Back, 2016
47.2 x 23.6 x 0.4 inch


Noar Noarnito, Photographe, Painting

Noar Noarnito

Photographe, 2016
51.2 x 27.6 x 0.8 inch


Noar Noarnito, Sunny, Painting

Noar Noarnito

Sunny, 2016
31.5 x 15.7 x 1.2 inch


Noar Noarnito, Auréole, Painting

Noar Noarnito

Auréole, 2016
35.4 x 23.6 x 1.6 inch

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