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Tudi Deligne

France Born in: 1986
Tudi Deligne is a young French-Swiss visual artist. He lives and works in Paris. A graduate of the ENSAD Strasbourg, he was awarded in 2014 the DDESSIN / Institut français de Tanger prize and the prize of the Fondation Kiefer Hablitzel Swiss Art Awards in 2012.

Tudi Deligne creates drawings in black pencil. At first it is hard to identify the shapes, as the artist's virtuosity situates them at the limit of photography. The elements he takes from the Internet and combines in free associations give birth to a world of paradoxes: abstract, yet curously figurative, a universe of extreme contrasts where abysmal darkness unveils places of bright light - a supernatural light, alsmost as sublime as an ultimate "illumination".

Between mysticism, 17th century engravings, medieval austerity, aquatic flora and the pixelization of a process of an ambiguous "zoom out", everything draws us into the thousands of details of this poetical and eerie magma. We find ourselves in a vegetal world, like the background of a landscape that is urban despite all appearence, as the human element is perceptible in his drawings. They are not visible, but constructions and rock piles are witnesses of humanity.

Tudi Deligne's famous photographic blurs create a mysterious fog that eliminate any effort to delimitate things and maintain us in a joyful ambiguity. The artist forces us to apprehend the tangible world differently, not wanting to accept its truth, but the force of its mystery.
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