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Lionel Sourisseau

Born in: 1951


Born in 1951 in Saumur, Lionel Sourisseau's work can be placed in the lineage of Basquiat's creations. A self-taught artist, he paints in an academic style since the 70's but in the 2000s, his techniques, the materials he uses and his compositions seem to be set free.

His paintings combines his knowledge of shamanism, the importance of spirituality, the place of the soul in art and poetry. We can distinguish, in his works, the influence of the great artists of our time: a spontaneous line, without frills, raw, perfectly recognizable and identifiable. Lionel Sourisseau improvises and plays with the materials, he lets things come to him, detects forms through colors.

"Art has a shamanic side, art is the doctor of the soul as it brings balm and happiness. The artist as the poet must invent themselves and things constantly, as each painting provides a window into a different world."
- Lionel Sourisseau
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Lionel Sourisseau, Femmes, animaux par les chemins c'est un parc où vont les bêtes, Painting

Lionel Sourisseau

Femmes, animaux par les chemins c'est un parc où vont les bêtes, 2012
31.9 x 39.4 inch


Lionel Sourisseau, Sans titre, Painting

Lionel Sourisseau

Sans titre, 2012
18.9 x 14.2 inch


Lionel Sourisseau, No Smoking, Painting

Lionel Sourisseau

No Smoking, 2008
38.2 x 51.2 inch


Lionel Sourisseau, L'esprit du vent, Painting

Lionel Sourisseau

L'esprit du vent, 2013
39.4 x 39.4 inch


Lionel Sourisseau, Dans la vallée mentale de la paix, Painting

Lionel Sourisseau

Dans la vallée mentale de la paix, 2011
31.9 x 39.4 inch

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