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Alexandre Aaleha

France Born in: 1990
Translation in progress

Aaleha is a French artist born in 1990 in Paris where he lives and works. He studied applied arts and industrial design at the Higher School of Applied Arts (ENSAAMA).

The sublimeness in the chaos is the foundation of his work. Inspired by the Chaos theory that explains that the order creates disorder, and the disorder causes the order, the artist tries to reach the common border with these two antipodes. His creative process is a paradoxical destruction.

The "Surfaces" series undeniably questions those who see it: the different textures and composition are almost impossible to define. The effects of lace and depressions seem natural and organic while the matter is artificial. Volumes and bumps created by the deterioration of the material invites the eye to plunge into an unknown universe. The works resemble stone, for some it may seem to be lava, and to others a material from another world.

From concrete to wax passing through the plaster and porcelain, Aaleha works with all kinds of materials that he can alter and experiment with different methods of deterioration. "Surfaces" is a series where plastic is his favorite material and heat is the sublimation tool that alters it.

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