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Kathrin Günter

Born in: 1971


Kathrin Günter is a German photographer who lives and works in Berlin.

Kathrin Günter knows everything there is to know on the subject of illusions of eternal glory and everlasting love. She’s quite familiar with the way the media works, including all the different techniques used to manipulate the viewers into celebrity worshiping. For over 15 years, Kathrin Günter observed and studied celebrities, their moments of success and particularly their desperate need for attention.

She gets to know both sides of the coin, being the victim as well as the persecutor. As a paparazzi, she spies on celebrities all while she herself is being tracked down, trying in vain to protect her privacy. This dynamic gives birth to a sort of hide-and-seek which Günter then turns into an opportunity and showcases it in magazines and at exhibitions.
In her “Star Shots III” collection, Kathrin Günter continues her work and attempts to depict the very souls of celebrities on a light sensitive medium. She tries getting as close as possible to the characters, so as to reveal their true identities.
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  • German Artist

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From January, 9 To February, 20 2016