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Kazuyuki Nakagawa

Born in: 1951


Kazuyuki Nakagawa is a Japanese artist born in 1951 who currently lives in Aichi-Ken.

He studied at the Musashino University of Visual Arts from 1973 to 1976. His works are performed in an abstract neo-expressionist style.

He draws his inspiration from a luxuriant nature that has seen him grow, surrounded by light and colors. An environment that confronts him to his ephemeral condition that he decides to transpose into his canvases with a sort of gloom and suffering. The issues related to human nature and life are among the major concerns that occupy the mind of Kazuyuki Nakagawa.

The insular situation of Japan protects the country, according to the artist, from the dominating influence that the West could have on the country, and allows it to continue cultivating its own state of mind. A luggage almost vital for the artist who draws from it the essence of his work.

Kazuyuki Nakagawa will then turned toward two-dimensional installations and paintings that he was able to exhibit all throughout Japan.
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Kazuyuki Nakagawa, Untitled, Painting

Kazuyuki Nakagawa

Untitled, 2015
39.4 x 31.9 x 2 inch


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