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Mohamed Nabili

Born in: 1952


Mohamed Nabili was born the 4th of august 1952 in Benslimane. He left Morocco for France in 1974 to study.
He was a teacher in the Aix en Provence School of fine arts for one year, before dedicating himself to painting.

After having lived in Peru, Mexico, the USA, Denmark and Brittany, Nabili went back to Morocco and settled in the region where he was born.
Father and motherless, Mohamed Nabili is at the initiative of a non-governmental organization created in 2005 called “Children’s imaginary in plastic arts”.
He died the 5th of February 2012.

“For me the desert is first and foremost a philosophy; exactly the philosophy of the essential.
In fact, my work is just a window on the desert”.
Mohamed Nabili
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  • Moroccan Artist

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The Moroccan masters from Marseille : Nabili, Maoual, Youssoufi

Galerie Polysémie

The Moroccan masters from Marseille : Nabili, Maoual, Youssoufi
From November, 17 To December, 19 2015