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Mihai Bara

Romania Born in: 1961
Mihai Bara is a Romanian painter living in Andorra since 1992.

Mihai Bara tries to talk about feelings through his colors. He offers a personal perspective on the maze that we all have inside us. His work is is, actually, a kind of X-ray of our society.
The compositions of Bara, the palpable generosity of its texture, depth and delicacy of his visual effects give a glimpse of the powerful neo-expressionist style full of vigor that captures the viewer's attention.

Mihai Bara sees the painting as the language of a happy and intelligent search; his work opens the doors to the circus of the world, his painting is the mirror of the society of the spectacle, this emotional labyrinth that invites us finally with modesty towards... introspection.

The most interesting in the work of Bara is the active and flexible in terms of its compositional poetics. The painter sets with great plastic elegance a universe governed by the reality of moods, emotions that determine its inner landscape, alert, intensely sensitive.
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Mihai Bara

Cortade Art

Mihai Bara
From March, 19 To March, 31 2015

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