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Lindsey De Ovies

Born in: 1970

United States

Lindsey de Ovies is an American sculptor, born in 1970.

As an American artist living in Paris, Lindsey creates hybrid works, mixing French and American characteristics. She uses traditional materials such as molten bronze or marble. Her humorous works take the form of human figures or objects.The artist's purpose is to question and make fun of clichés, stereotypes and social conventions.

Lindsey gets her inspiration from her environment and from the different phases of human life, positive or negative, to create his works. Despite an apparent softness in the rendering of the sculpture, the message is heavy, which is the real objective of the artist.
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Lindsey De Ovies, S.O.S, Sculpture

Lindsey De Ovies

S.O.S, 2015
10.2 x 6.7 x 5.9 inch


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